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Horse blankets are important for a number of different environmental conditions ranging from cold rains to annoying flies. Whether your horse is in the barn or grazing in the pasture, don’t forget to protect him or her from cold weather, blustering winds, and biting insects with horse sheets, pony blankets, and other essential horsewear.

Horse blankets, horse sheets, and pony blankets serve several different purposes from pest control to cold weather protection. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about your next blanket purchase.

Sheets – have no fill and are generally the lightest piece of horsewear.

  • Stable Sheet – used in doors to your horse’s coat clean while providing some warmth
  • Turnout Sheet – Waterproof sheets that can be used outdoors. Provide light warmth

Blankets – heavier than sheets and filled with material to provide extra warmth. Come in various weights.

  • Stable blankets – like stable sheets but with fill. Provide more warmth than stable sheets
  • Turnout blankets – Waterproof like turnout sheets, but heavier. 
  • High Neck - When the blanket extends up the neck of the horse, passed the withers, but stops before it reaches the top of the neck

Denier – a measured used to rate the strength of the blanket or sheet material. Higher denier blankets are harder to rip and are more water-resistant.

Fill/Gram/Weight – the amount of stuffing in a blanket. The higher the gram, the warmer the blanket will be. A sheet has 0g of fill while a heavy blanket can have up to 400g of fill.

Rip-Stop – a method of weaving within a blanket that helps to stop small rips in a blanket from growing larger. Blankets with rip-stop often last longer because you can easily patch small rips and tears without having to replace the whole blanket. 

Lining – Soft material on the interior of a blanket to cushion your horse’s skin

Neck Cover – helps prevents moisture from getting under the horse’s turnout blanket in the neck area. Some blankets come with a neck cover permanently attached while other are sold separately.

Hood – Cover a horse’s face and neck to provide extra protection. Attachable and securable to the blanket.

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