The Right Blanket for Any Temperature

Choose your Temperature Range

Temperature Range
50 - 60 Degrees Sheet Light Blanket (100g)
40 - 50 Degrees Light Blanket (100g) Light/Medium Blanket (150g - 250g)
30 - 40 Degrees Light/Medium Blanket (150g - 250g) Medium/Heavy Blanket (200g - 300g)
20 - 30 Degrees Medium/Heavy Blanket (200g - 300g) Heavy (300g - 400g) or Medium (200g - 300g) with Blanket Liner
Below 20 Degrees Heavy (300g - 400g) Heavy (300g - 400g) with Blanket Liner

Choose your Fill

Sheet - No Fill Provides protection from the wind and rain
100 - 180 Gram Fill Light Warmth
200 - 280 Gram Fill Medium Warmth
300 - 380 Gram Fill Heavy Warmth
400 Gram Fill Extra Heavy Warmth

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