Riders for Helmets

Get ready to strap on a helmet, climb into the saddle and celebrate International Helmet Awareness Day. Did you know that the hospital admission rate for injured riders is higher than football players, skiers, and motorcycle riders? Horse riding can be dangerous if the rider isn't properly prepared or protected. Head injuries from horseback riding can happen at anytime and anywhere. The only surefire way to safeguard against these types of injuries is to wear a horse riding helmet. Helmets reduce your chances of sustaining a serious head injury and more importantly, save lives.

The goal of International Helmet Awareness Day is to raise awareness about the importance of riding helmets and to educate equestrians on the benefits of wearing certified riding helmets. Riders of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels are encouraged to show their support by wearing a helmet on whether they are trail riding, showing or competing.

This is your chance to:

  • Get educated on the importance of wearing a properly fitted and secured, certified helmet.
  • Participate in helmet fitting demonstrations.
  • Purchase a helmet at a one-time special discount offered only International Helmet Awareness Day.

Not only will you find once a year deals on riding helmets but you’ll also have the opportunity to become further educated on helmets and traumatic brain injuries. Retailers and your favorite brands will host an assortment of educational events allowing you to pose questions to experts in the field of traumatic brain injuries, helmet manufacturers, leading equestrians, helmet testing agencies, and more.