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Meet Buttons
Buttons is a 12 year old Appy and she's my baby. Buttons was diagnosed with navicular disease a year after we bought her. At first corrective shoeing was enough and then the vet prescribed bute, but that didn't work for long either. My farrier suggested I try a good joint supplement. I researched for days and decided on Grand Meadows Grand Flex and boy did I notice a difference! She was leaping and exercising in her paddock after 28 days. Before Grand Flex, she was sore and moody, but now she is sound and able to be ridden! We started her on a lunge and she was sound. We soon switched her to Grand Complete only to see if a lower dose would work and it did! She's still sound and happy and full of life! We thought we would have to put her down just to ease her pain but Grand Meadows products saved her life! Our plan for the future is to continue with Grand Meadows products. We are so pleased with the products of Grand Meadows and their results! Thank you for saving our girl! -Kasandra from Fremont, NH
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