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Dun To The Max

Meet Dun To The Max

I purchased Maxi in the summer of 2002 and she and I did a lot of trail riding. The summer of 2008 I came home from work and she was lame. I called my farrier right away and he said that she had laminitis (mild case) and she recovered. Then in 2009 it happened again in the summer. This time it was really bad and my vet and I worked hard to get her back. At this time she was on bute daily and in and out of trouble with her feet. I had her on bute regularly and had tried many different things for her feet and nothing helped. Things kept getting worse but with the support of my husband I kept trying. By the time Sept. 2010 came I had a meeting at the barn with my vet and farrier to discuss the future of my mare. One said put her down because her feet were so bad and the other said if she was not lying down all the time and there were no bed sores in sight I could keep trying. As sore as the mare was she was still standing a lot. I was reading through my catalog and saw AniMed Remission and what it was recommended for and gave it a try with nothing to lose.

Today is March 12, 2012. She is a going concern on her feet, but if you did not know she had had a problem you would not know. She goes out and kicks up her heels and has great days. I know she is happy and healthy. One of the best things I can say is that she has not been on bute since the fall of 2010 but she is on regular AniMed Remission and if I think I am getting low I panic!!! My farrier is amazed at her recovery.

Maxi is in the forefront of the picture. -Myrna from New Brunswick, Canada

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