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Finding the Perfect Western Spurs For You

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The clanking of spurs conjures up visions of cowboys walking along a dusty road. Spurs, however, are much more than simply glittering star-wheeled boot-jewelry. They are an essential piece of riding equipment and a crucial tool for communicating with your horse. Getting a horse to pay attention is best accomplished with a good pair of spurs.

Horses are trained to do what a rider wants but will occasionally test the rider to see what liberties it can take. Horse bits are the most common method of controlling horses, but in some cases, control from the bit may not be enough. Horses soon learn to bite down on the bit to grab control from the rider. Spurs help the rider regain that control. You will see a difference in the first time they are used, as the horse will visually seem to “come to attention”. They can then be used sparingly, until the horse has another disruptive incident, as spurs will help to maintain the disposition of the animal.

To enhance your appearance for show purposes, a Western spur—one with inlaid silver, adorned with ornaments to accent and match the saddle—is a good choice. For pleasure riding or working riders, a more practical spur is sufficient, remembering that the aim of using a spur is to guide the horse, and not to punish him. The boot cowboy spur is worn by most professionals who usually choose a non-aggressive designed spur.

Spurs are an essential tool for communicating with your horse Whether you’re looking for style or function, ease of application should be considered. Slip-on spurs pop onto the back of the boot and require no straps. It is functional, easy to attach and remove, fits all boot sizes, but is not flashy and ornamental.

Barrel racing spurs have a side bumper design so the rider does not have to rotate the foot to make contact. Jingle spurs have a bob that emits that cool sound. The ornamental spur will have metal plates for engraving names or scenery. Black, silver, gold, and other colors make up the base with a variety of metal artwork to apply.

Good spur designs have the band constructed of tempered steel and bends without breaking. This gives a universal fit for all size boots. The leather strap adjusts to make your spur fit loosely or snugly, to your preference. The shank determines how far from the boot the rowel is, and can be longer for contact without much movement, or shorter to not over-spur the horse.

Make sure you choose the correct size of spur. Certain styles of riding require a specific size of spur shank. It also helps to improve the overall ride as you and your horse can communicate more clearly.  
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