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Weight loss and poor body condition in your horse can be caused by many different factors, including age, disease and stress. 

Before planning on implementing a special diet regimen, it is important to first rule out any issues that could be causing the problem. Have a veterinarian rule out any health or stress issues; also make sure the vet checks the horse’s teeth, especially older horses. Sometimes the teeth get overgrown and may need filing or clipping. Overgrown teeth can cause pain and your horse will not want to eat properly. Missing teeth can also hinder proper diet.

If it appears your horse is continually eating without gaining weight and maintaining good body conditioning, there may be a problem with parasites, such as worms, that should be checked. Your vet will perform a fecal test and de-worm your horse so it can eat properly and maintain good health and proper nutrition.

All horses enjoy foraging in the fields; they get to enjoy the much-needed great outdoors, sunshine, air and physical activity while grazing in meadows full of greens. Their feed of oats and grains are also important for proper nutrition and keeping their coats in tip-top condition. To help with further improve body conditioning and weight gain, there are some supplements beneficial for the health of your horse.

Some of the products you can try to supplement your horse’s diet for weight gain and good body condition are –

• AniMed Muscle-UP Powder is designed to support overall health and function to the horse's muscular system. Its ingredients help support muscle recovery and proper electrolyte balance, body fluid levels and normal lactic acid levels.

• Farnam Weight Builder pProvides extra calories in the form of fat for maintaining body condition and fuel for performance without the risk of colic associated with grain feeding. It also helps enhance skin and coat condition.

• Uckele Cocosoya with the Cocosoya oil that horse’s love. The combination of ingredients in this unique horse supplement provides a combination of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support a healthy weight gain, good body condition, skin and lustrous coat.

• Cool Calories 100 provides the essential fatty acids as well as the Cocosoya Ultra SP. It also provides ingredients for high energy and focus to provide high performance in your horse. Cool Calories 100 is concentrated with 100 percent vegetable fat with no added sugar, carbohydrates or fillers and chemicals and provides five times the energy than stabilized rice bran. It is an easy supplement to mix in with your horse’s regular grain.

Specialized diets should meet the needs of your horse and be vet-approved; what works for one horse may not work for another. All supplements mix well with the horse’s regular grain mixture and should be given as described on the label of the supplement. If one does not work effectively, try another supplement until you find one that works for your particular horse. 

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