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Horse Blanket Glossary

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Sheets – have no fill and are generally the lightest piece of horsewear.

  • Stable Sheet – used in doors to your horse’s coat clean while providing some warmth
  • Turnout Sheet – Waterproof sheets that can be used outdoors. Provide light warmth

Blankets – heavier than sheets and filled with material to provide extra warmth. Come in various weights.

  • Stable blankets – like stable sheets but with fill. Provide more warmth than stable sheets
  • Turnout blankets – Waterproof like turnout sheets, but heavier. 
  • High Neck - When the blanket extends up the neck of the horse, passed the withers, but stops before it reaches the top of the neck

Denier – a measured used to rate the strength of the blanket or sheet material. Higher denier blankets are harder to rip and are more water-resistant.

Fill/Gram/Weight – the amount of stuffing in a blanket. The higher the gram, the warmer the blanket will be. A sheet has 0g of fill while a heavy blanket can have up to 400g of fill.

Rip-Stop – a method of weaving within a blanket that helps to stop small rips in a blanket from growing larger. Blankets with rip-stop often last longer because you can easily patch small rips and tears without having to replace the whole blanket. 

Lining – Soft material on the interior of a blanket to cushion your horse’s skin

Neck Cover – helps prevents moisture from getting under the horse’s turnout blanket in the neck area. Some blankets come with a neck cover permanently attached while other are sold separately.

Hood – Cover a horse’s face and neck to provide extra protection. Attachable and securable to the blanket. has a great selection of blankets and sheets at the best prices!  Horse Blankets

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