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Why Horse Rescues Are Important

Every year, when the leaves begin to change and the chill in the air increases, reality bites hard. There are so many horses who don’t have the greatest caretakers and, in turn, will not get the proper necessities over winter. The green, lush grass turns over and some unfortunate souls begin to starve.

Sad to say, thousands of horses find themselves in horrible situations every year. Countless horses are victims of neglect, whether accidental or intentional, or sent to auctions, where their fates are completely unknown until they run through the bidding floor. If not for the horse rescues that are so vigilant when it comes to the well-being of our equine friends, so many more would suffer.

Horse rescues are often unsung heroes, the element that keeps these magnificent creatures off a slaughter truck and closer to a better world with a boy or girl – of any age – to love them. These organizations, and the individuals who devote their time to them, are out on the frontlines and see some of the worst forms of abuse and neglect imaginable.

Horse Rescues Need Your Help

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  • Updated: 9/23/2018: 9:07:59 PM ET