Finding the Perfect Horse Blanket

We share a lot in common with our equestrian companions, and surprisingly, that includes what to look for when purchasing outerwear. While we don’t recommend you wear a horse blanket while you’re working out in the barn or try to fit your horse for the latest riding vest, the same practical approach you use to buy your own coat or jacket can easily be applied to purchasing horse blankets. With that in mind, the most important thing you can do is start every shopping experience with functional requirements in mind.

When you head out to the store for a new jacket or coat, your first thought is usually centered on the reason for your purchase. The same should be true as you start the search for the perfect equine blanket. So let’s take a look at all the horse blankets for sale and narrow your options by function and purpose:

Stable Blanket

Stable Blankets

Stable blankets are meant to keep horses warm and comfortable while in a stall or stable. If your horse spends a lot of time indoors, is not turned out over night, or is body clipped, a stable blanket is a great choice. This is especially true if you live in a climate that is regularly or seasonally cold.

Of course, that’s not to say that your horse can never head outdoors in a stable blanket. However, since horse blankets that fall into this category are not generally waterproof, they aren’t always practical for long-term turnout use.

Turnout Blanket

Turnout Blankets

If stable blankets are the cozy indoor clothes for your horse, turnout blankets are their protective, outdoor play clothes. These blankets are meant to hold up against weather, mud, and the rigorous activity that often accompany turnout time. Typically made of durable fabrics, you’ll generally find terms like breathable and waterproof associated with turnout blankets.

If you’re in the market for winter horse blankets, a turnout blanket is typically where you should start your search. Of course, much like stable blankets, a turnout blanket can serve dual purposes and be worn inside if necessary. However, often times this means bringing the mud, rain, or snow into the stable after turnout.

Horse Sheets

Horse Sheets

If we’re continuing the comparison between your outerwear and equine blankets, horse sheets are the multi-purpose, light-weight sweater of your horse’s wardrobe. The benefits of horse sheets are many. For example, some horse sheets offer protection from UV-rays in the summer months, while others, like fly sheets, can protect your horse during peak pest season. Additionally, riders that show their horses may find a horse sheet imperative to keeping coats clean and dirt-free prior to their time in the ring.

Blanket Strength and Durability

Denier is a unit of measurement. In horse blankets, denier is the thread's thickness, which corresponds to the strength of the blanket. Higher denier numbers mean stronger fabrics. Blanket deniers range from 70 to 2400.

Half the battle of choosing the correct horse blanket can be fought by simply narrowing down your choices, just like you would when you’re searching for your perfect coat.

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  • Updated: 1/20/2023: 10:25:40 AM ET
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