Choosing the right cinch and fitting it correctly

When it comes to horse riding, safety is of the utmost importance. No rider should climb into the saddle without safety being the first priority. Before riding, several items need to be checked. There is picking the hooves, setting the saddle and putting on the bridle. Don’t forget to also check and then re-check the stirrups, halters, reins, and harnesses.

With all this happening, it is easy to see how cinches can be and are often overlooked. This can lead to a potentially dangerous situation; if the cinch is too loose, the saddle might slide and the rider could get injured. The cinch is the long, wide strap that goes around the girth of the horse; its purpose is to hold the saddle securely in place. A properly fitted cinch is a must when riding. A well constructed cinch that fits properly helps make the ride safer and more comfortable for both horse and rider.

Horses come in all shapes and sizes. Each horse needs to be measured for the correct cinch size to ensure a safe fit for both horse and rider. Finding a cinch and fitting one to a horse is rather easy as long as you have the proper knowledge. To help you find a satisfactory level of comfort and safety when using a cinch, the experts at Professional’s Choice® put together the following on how to find the right cinch and attach it correctly.

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