Peace, Love, Rescue Project!

At, our mission is helping animals that need it most, and assisting organizations in their efforts to find homes for the animals in their care. We are proud to sponsor food and housing for those in need, and actively share their stories to speed their adoptions. Learn more about Horse.comCares.

Many organizations are in need, but continue to work unconditionally in helping these animals.’s Peace, Love, Rescue Project has donated $1000 to these organizations, who work so selflessly to help bring animals to happy homes.

  • Noah’s Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary

    Noah’s Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary, affectionately known as “NARPS” by friends and supporters, is a non-profit animal welfare organization founded in 2015 in Reading, Pennsylvania. Passionate and dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals in need, their mission is to get the community involved through educational programs, free or low-cost clinics for vaccinations and spay/neutering, and many other outreach programs.

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  • Gerda’s Equine Rescue

    Gerda’s Equine Rescue is a 501(C)3 VT nonprofit committed to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming slaughter bound horses. Once the horses are ready for their forever homes, then and only then, do they put them up for adoption, taking great care to screen the adopters thoroughly.

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  • Long Shadows Charitable Foundation

    Long Shadows Charitable Foundation (LSCF) is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating equines who have been abandoned, abused, neglected or are no longer wanted or cared for by their owners. LSCF provides a safe, healthy, and trusting environment for horses to heal their physical and emotional health.

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  • Serenity Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation

    With a multi-faceted mission that includes rescue, rehabilitation, education and healing, Serenity is committed to promoting the humane and responsible treatment of horses. They are passionate about providing a natural and focused care plan for each of their resident equines, and work to place rescued horses, once rehabilitated, into loving, permanent homes.

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  • Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary

    Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary (FFAS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing abused, abandoned and neglected animals in and around the Middle Tennessee area. They encourage proper pet care and advocate spaying and neutering to help stop pet overpopulation. Currently using a system of foster homes to house all the animals in their care, they are committed to long-term care and placement of all animals that come into FFAS.

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  • The Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue

    Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue (LCR) is an organization committed to rescuing and rehabilitating horses and domestic companion animals, providing a safe and secure refuge for the abused, unwanted or neglected. They are dedicated to promoting and educating the public on the humane and responsible treatment of horses, ponies, dogs, cats and more.

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  • Oasis Animal Sanctuary

    Committed to relieving the suffering of companion animals, horses, farm animals, and other pets through adoption and education.

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  • Little Brook Farm

    Established in 1977, and one of the oldest and largest rescues in the northeast. They rescue and provide sanctuary to 60 horses and many other animals.

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  • Omega Horse Rescue & Rehab Center

    Dedicated to providing quality treatment for equines everywhere. Among their main goals is to educate horse owners about optimal conditions for their beloved friends.

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  • Popcorn Park Zoo

    Devoted to the thousands of animals that are cared for annually, and the chance for a better life for all animals, domestic and wild.

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  • Goats of Anarchy

    Passionate about rescuing farm animals, this sanctuary is a safe haven for a multitude of animals, with a special affection for goats.

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