Blend into the environment. Always choose high quality electric fence wire for horses. Polytape and polywire conduct the charge around the length of the fence perimeter. Electric fence tape creates a strong barrier yet is safe enough to limit the amount of accidents and extent of injuries.

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Field Guardian Mega Braid Polyrope


$186.95 Save: 9%

Made in the USA!! - 20-year Limited Warranty Introducing: Mega Braid. A temporary or permanent braided rope for electric fence that is designed to provide security as well as safety for horses and all other type animals. It is strong and durable, can ...Read more »

Made in the USA
Out of stock

Electric Poultry and Goat Netting

Starting at: $202.99

$215.95 Save: 6%

Pow erfields Poultry and Goat Netting Keep predators out and your livestock safe by using this poultry and goat netting. Horizontal strands are spaced close at the bottom and gradually increase spacing towards the top; similar to a metal combo panel. ...Read more »

Made in the USA
All styles are in stock.

Powerfields Posi/Negi Commercial Poultry Pen


$212.99 Save: 22%

Powerfields Positive/Negative 82' Electric Poultry Pen At 40" tall and 82' long, this Positive/Negative Electric Poultry Pen provides the ultimate predator protection for your chickens. 10 horizontal lines with 7 double-spiked step-in posts. Semi-rig ...Read more »

Made in the USA
In Stock.

Electric Fence Wire, Tape & Rop...

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