Put your best feet forward. Horse riding boots do so much more than simply make your feet look good — they can help protect your feet from the weather or injury, or give you a much needed assist in the saddle. From functional riding boots to elegant equestrian boots, we have the styles you want.

Horse Riding Boots

A solid pair of boots is arguably the most important part of your riding apparel. Riding boots and equestrian boots protect the feet in and out of the saddle and in all kinds of weather. Since you’ll be wearing them all the time, doesn’t it make sense for your footwear to be comfortable?

Of course, the boots you wear will depend on how and where you’ll be using them.

  • There’s the classic Western boot, or cowboy boot, tough enough for riding but detailed to look great anywhere and everywhere.
  • The tall English riding boot has a shorter heel, and goes up to just below the knee, in elegant leather, complemented by show riding apparel.
  • The shorter paddock boot is also popular, due to its being practical for everyday use.
  • For working around the stall, you’ll want a good pair of rubber mucking boots to withstand all the dirt and grime. Make sure they’re waterproof, too–to protect your feet from more than just water.
  • Whatever style of boot you want, we have all the best footwear options available. If you’re just looking for some casual shoes, we have those too.

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