The old standby. Lightweight and flexible rope halters conform to your horse effectively and comfortably. When used properly, they can be wonderful training and handling tools and allow for even easier communication between horse and rider.

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Rope Halters

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Gatsby Professional Rope Halter/Lead

Starting at: $11.99

$24.99 Save: 52%

Gatsby (R) Professional Rope Halter with Lead Ideal for use as a training aid, or for around the barn, this professional grade rope halter incorporates a stiff core to help prevent slipping, which is an asset when using on a daily basis on the same h ...Read more »

All styles are in stock.

Weaver EcoLuxe Braided Halter wLead

From: $70.29

Weaver Leather(R) EcoLuxe™ Bamboo Gear Braided Rope Halter with 8 Foot Lead Weaver's EcoLuxe Bamboo Gear is made from organic bamboo, the fastest growing plant on the planet that's a sustainable, renewable resource you can feel good about having next ...Read more »

Some styles are in stock.

Rope Halters

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