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"In July 2011 McCue was diagnosed with arthritis in his stifles; I was desperate to do whatever to make him comfortable and continue his life as a trail horse..."
"She had stopped drinking water and was again only nibbling at hay. I knew something was seriously wrong..."
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"I had a meeting with my vet and farrier to discuss the future of my mare. One said to put her down..."
"Buttons was diagnosed with navicular disease a year after we bought her..."
"Chief Cha Cha is in his mid to late twenties and loses weight in the winter..."
 "My horse Harley had foundered and was diagnosed as Insulin resistant..."
"I rescued Diego as a two year old from Hurricane Katrina. He was very sickly and thin..."
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"When I started driving George at 4 years old, he was very excited and nervous..."
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"Buddy came to us after 8 years of abuse and neglect..."
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