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Economic and environmental crisis has and continues to leave it’s mark on the equine world. Horses that have been victim of neglect, abuse or are the unfortunate victims as owners struggle to afford adequate care, are often sent to these rescues, sanctuaries and shelters with the hopes of a have a better life. Unfortunately, as the cost of grain, hay, and medical expenses increase, many of these rescues are over populated and struggled to care for and place the horses and other animals that have been left in their care.
It is our mission to offer assistance to these rescues and sanctuaries in the hopes that each horse, big and small, old and young, can experience a little more safety, comfort, and love. By donating at check out you will be helping reach out to the rescues that so selflessly work to offer our equine companions shelter, nourishment, and compassion.

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There are hundreds of rescues in need across the United States and we will help as many as we can, but we need your help. Send us a letter and tell us about your rescue or a rescue near and dear to your heart. Please include the name of the organization, the address, and the website for your specific shelter along with a brief statement telling us about their mission. All requests will also need a completed donation request form. To download the donation request form as well as a complete list of guidelines and procedures, please click here.

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Tell a friend, like this page, or tweet about the cause. The more people that are aware of our cause, the more animals we can help save!

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