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Using the right horse tack and training equipment can make a big difference. The supplies and tack required and the methods used vary considerably depending on the experience of the rider and horse and the style of riding you expect to learn.

English riding is elegant and graceful. Known as the traditional way to ride a horse, English riding is, in many ways, a partnership between horse and rider; it involves communication using your legs, hands, and seat. The best way to strengthen that communication is with top quality English tack such as English bits, English girths and English saddle pads.

Western riding is as iconic as the American frontier. Its history dates back to the days of cowboys and the Wild West. Western style riding focuses on the movement of the horse. Western tack, saddles, and bits will allow you to experience this type of freedom of movement every time you climb into the saddle for a ride.

Lunging is synonymous with horse training. It allows the rider to take part in training without actually mounting the horse. Lunging equipment also allows the rider to teach obedience, increase fitness and, allow new riders to work on new skills with the help of a more experienced rider.

If you’re learning to ride for the very first time or perhaps you’re looking to expand your riding expertise into roping and barrel racing or jumping and dressage, you’ll want to make sure you are using the proper equipment. Remember to find and use tack you are comfortable with and training supplies that work best for you.

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  • Updated: 10/18/2018: 9:03:35 PM ET