Ariat Ladies Tek Team 1/2 Zip


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Product Summary:

Ariat Ladies Tek Team 1/2 Zip Sweatshirt

Layers on easily and won’t slow you down. Performance fabric provides warmth and wicks away moisture.


  • Cold Series technology keeps body core warm
  • Moisture Movement transfers moisture away from the skin
  • Brushed fleece
  • Sleeve thumbholes
  • Contrasting embroidered logos
  • 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
XS Teal E027291 XS TEA 10028320 XS 889359993771
S Teal E027291 SM TEA 10028320 S 889359993788
M Teal E027291 MD TEA 10028320 M 889359993795
L Teal E027291 LG TEA 10028320 L 889359993801
XL Teal E027291 XL TEA 10028320 XL 889359993818
XXL Teal E027291 XXL TEA 10028320 XXL 889359993825
XS Violet E027291 XS VIO 10032708 XS 192904388725
S Violet E027291 SM VIO 10032708 S 192904388732
M Violet E027291 MD VIO 10032708 M 192904388749
L Violet E027291 LG VIO 10032708 L 192904388756
XL Violet E027291 XL VIO 10032708 XL 192904388763
XXL Violet E027291 XXL VIO 10032708 XXL 192904388770
XS Blue E027291 XS BLU 10032709 XS 192904388664
S Blue E027291 SM BLU 10032709 S 192904388671
M Blue E027291 MD BLU 10032709 M 192904388688
L Blue E027291 LG BLU 10032709 L 192904388695
XL Blue E027291 XL BLU 10032709 XL 192904388701
XXL Blue E027291 XXL BLU 10032709 XXL 192904388718
XS Navy E027291 XS NVY 10033314 XS 192904437362
S Navy E027291 SM NVY 10033314 S 192904437379
M Navy E027291 MD NVY 10033314 M 192904437386
L Navy E027291 LG NVY 10033314 L 192904437393
XL Navy E027291 XL NVY 10033314 XL 192904437409
XXL Navy E027291 XXL NVY 10033314 XXL 192904437416
S Black E027291 SM BLK 10037536 S 192904852363
M Black E027291 MD BLK 10037536 M 192904852370
L Black E027291 LG BLK 10037536 L 192904852387
XL Black E027291 XL BLK 10037536 XL 192904852394
S Pink E027291 SM PNK 10037538 S 192904852424
M Pink E027291 MD PNK 10037538 M 192904852431
L Pink E027291 LG PNK 10037538 L 192904852448
XL Pink E027291 XL PNK 10037538 XL 192904852455
L Arctic Blue E027291 LG ABL 10041288 LG 195696221676
L Estate Blue E027291 LG EBL 10041289 LG 195696221942
L Forest Green E027291 LG FGR 10041290 LG 195696222123
L Mulberry Red E027291 LG RED 10041286 LG 195696222062
L Rose Pink E027291 LG RPK 10041287 LG 195696222000
M Arctic Blue E027291 MD ABL 10041288 MED 195696221669
M Estate Blue E027291 MD EBL 10041289 MED 195696221935
M Forest Green E027291 MD FGR 10041290 MED 195696222116
M Mulberry Red E027291 MD RED 10041286 MED 195696222055
M Rose Pink E027291 MD RPK 10041287 MED 195696221997
S Arctic Blue E027291 SM ABL 10041288 SML 195696221652
S Estate Blue E027291 SM EBL 10041289 SML 195696221928
S Forest Green E027291 SM FGR 10041290 SML 195696222109
S Mulberry Red E027291 SM RED 10041286 SML 195696222048
S Rose Pink E027291 SM RPK 10041287 SML 195696221980
XL Arctic Blue E027291 XL ABL 10041288 XL 195696221683
XL Estate Blue E027291 XL EBL 10041289 XL 195696221959
XL Forest Green E027291 XL FGR 10041290 XL 195696222130
XL Mulberry Red E027291 XL RED 10041286 XL 195696222079
XL Rose Pink E027291 XL RPK 10041287 XL 195696222017
XS Arctic Blue E027291 XS ABL 10041288 XS 195696221645
XS Estate Blue E027291 XS EBL 10041289 XS 195696221911
XS Forest Green E027291 XS FGR 10041290 XS 195696222093
XS Mulberry Red E027291 XS RED 10041286 XS 195696222031
XS Rose Pink E027291 XS RPK 10041287 XS 195696221973
XXL Arctic Blue E027291 XXL ABL 10041288 XXL 195696221690
XXL Estate Blue E027291 XXL EBL 10041289 XXL 195696221966
XXL Forest Green E027291 XXL FGR 10041290 XXL 195696222147
XXL Mulberry Red E027291 XXL RED 10041286 XXL 195696222086
XXL Rose Pink E027291 XXL RPK 10041287 XXL 195696222024
XS Black E027291 XS BLK
XXL Black E027291 XXL BLK
XS Pink E027291 XS PNK
XXL Pink E027291 XXL PNK
S Light Blue E027291 SM LGH 10046801 S 195696767839
M Light Blue E027291 MD LGH 10046801 M 195696767846
L Light Blue E027291 LG LGH 10046801 L 195696767853
XL Light Blue E027291 XL LGH 10046801 XL 195696767860
S Quail E027291 SM QUA 10046802 S 195696767952
M Quail E027291 MD QUA 10046802 M 195696767969
L Quail E027291 LG QUA 10046802 L 195696767976
XL Quail E027291 XL QUA 10046802 XL 195696767983
S Fired Brick E027291 SM FIR 10046706 S 195696666651
M Fired Brick E027291 MD FIR 10046706 M 195696666668
L Fired Brick E027291 LG FIR 10046706 L 195696666675
XL Fired Brick E027291 XL FIR 10046706 XL 195696666682
S Ebony E027291 SM EBY 10046707 S 195696666477
M Ebony E027291 MD EBY 10046707 M 195696666484
L Ebony E027291 LG EBY 10046707 L 195696666491
XL Ebony E027291 XL EBY 10046707 XL 195696666507
S Hawaiin Surf E027291 SM HAW 10046708 S 195696666835
M Hawaiin Surf E027291 MD HAW 10046708 M 195696666842
L Hawaiin Surf E027291 LG HAW 10046708 L 195696666859
XL Hawaiin Surf E027291 XL HAW 10046708 XL 195696666866
S Canteen E027291 SM CAN 10046709 S 195696666125
M Canteen E027291 MD CAN 10046709 M 195696666132
L Canteen E027291 LG CAN 10046709 L 195696666149
XL Canteen E027291 XL CAN 10046709 XL 195696666156
XXL Light Blue E027291 XXL LGH 10046801 XXL 195696767877
XXL Quail E027291 XXL QUA 10046802 XXL 195696767990
XXL Fired Brick E027291 XXL FIR 10046706 XXL 195696666699
XXL Ebony E027291 XXL EBY 10046707 XXL 195696666514
XXL Hawaiin Surf E027291 XXL HAW 10046708 XXL 195696666873
XXL Canteen E027291 XXL CAN 10046709 XXL 195696666163
L Dusty Cedar E027291 LG DST 10053405 L 197318163227
L Mole E027291 LG MOL 10053404 L 197318163166
L Ombre Blue E027291 LG OMB 10052806 L 197318152504
L Twilight Mauve E027291 LG TWL 10052805 L 197318155413
L Winter Moss E027291 LG WNT 10052807 L 197318155680
M Dusty Cedar E027291 MD DST 10053405 M 197318163258
M Mole E027291 MD MOL 10053404 M 197318163197
M Ombre Blue E027291 MD OMB 10052806 M 197318152535
M Twilight Mauve E027291 MD TWL 10052805 M 197318155444
M Winter Moss E027291 MD WNT 10052807 M 197318155710
S Dusty Cedar E027291 SM DST 10053405 S 197318163241
S Mole E027291 SM MOL 10053404 S 197318163180
S Ombre Blue E027291 SM OMB 10052806 S 197318152528
S Twilight Mauve E027291 SM TWL 10052805 S 197318155437
S Winter Moss E027291 SM WNT 10052807 S 197318155703
XL Dusty Cedar E027291 XL DST 10053405 XL 197318163265
XL Mole E027291 XL MOL 10053404 XL 197318163203
XL Ombre Blue E027291 XL OMB 10052806 XL 197318152542
XL Twilight Mauve E027291 XL TWL 10052805 XL 197318155451
XL Winter Moss E027291 XL WNT 10052807 XL 197318155727
XXL Dusty Cedar E027291 XXL DST 10053405 XXL 197318163272
XXL Mole E027291 XXL MOL 10053404 XXL 197318163210
XXL Ombre Blue E027291 XXL OMB 10052806 XXL 197318152559
XXL Twilight Mauve E027291 XXL TWL 10052805 XXL 197318155468
XXL Winter Moss E027291 XXL WNT 10052807 XXL 197318155734

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