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Devon-Aire Ladies Versailles Breeches

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Product Summary:

Devon-Aire® Ladies’ Versailles Breeches

Perfect for showing or schooling, these top selling breeches are made of the Versailles famous all season weight 90% cotton-10% lycra 4-way stretch fabric for phenomenal stretch and recovery. The flattering Classic Fit cut provides a traditional look, as it sits about one inch below the navel, while the contoured design eliminates bagging behind the knee.


  • Reinforced Clarino knee patches
  • Plush European-style elastic waistband
  • Slant zippered front pocket
  • Elastic ankle closure with piped trim
  • Heavy-duty YKK brass front zipper with brass clasp fastener
  • Reinforced seams and belt loops
  • Machine-washable
  • Lay flat side seams
  • Available in schooling and show colors
  • Imported
Item Specifications:

90% cotton, 10% lycra

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
24L Beige SLT650259 24L BGE 080 24L BGE
24L Black SLT650259 24L BLK 080BLK24L 606382128129
24L Dove SLT650259 24L DOV 080GRY24L 606382128471
24L Hntr Green SLT650259 24L HGR 080GRN24L 606382128303
24L Khaki SLT650259 24L KKI 080KHA24L 606382128648
24L Sea Blue SLT650259 24L SBL 080SBL24L
24R Beige SLT650259 24R BGE 080 24R BGE
24R Black SLT650259 24R BLK 080 24R BLK
24R Dove SLT650259 24R DOV 080 24R DOV
24R Hntr Green SLT650259 24R HGR 080 24R HGR
24R Khaki SLT650259 24R KKI 080KHA24R 606382128655
24R Sea Blue SLT650259 24R SBL 080 24R SBL
26L Beige SLT650259 26L BGE 080 26L BGE
26L Black SLT650259 26L BLK 080 26L BLK
26L Dove SLT650259 26L DOV 080 26L DOV
26L Hntr Green SLT650259 26L HGR 080 26L HGR
26L Khaki SLT650259 26L KKI 080 26L KHA
26L Sea Blue SLT650259 26L SBL 080 26L SBL
26R Beige SLT650259 26R BGE 080BGE26R 606382127986
26R Black SLT650259 26R BLK 080BLK26R 606382128150
26R Charcoal SLT650259 26R CHR 080CHA26R 606382133048
26R Dove SLT650259 26R DOV 080 26R DOV
26R Hntr Green SLT650259 26R HGR 080 26R HGR
26R Khaki SLT650259 26R KKI 080KHA26R 606382128679
26R Sea Blue SLT650259 26R SBL 080 26R SBL
26R Show Tan SLT650259 26R TAN 080TAN26R 606382141333
28L Beige SLT650259 28L BGE 080BGE28L 606382127993
28L Black SLT650259 28L BLK 080BLK28L 606382128167
28L Charcoal SLT650259 28L CHR 080CHA28L 606382133055
28L Dove SLT650259 28L DOV 080 28L DOV
28L Hntr Green SLT650259 28L HGR 080 28L HGR
28L Khaki SLT650259 28L KKI 080KHA28L 606382128686
28L Sea Blue SLT650259 28L SBL 080 28L SBL
28L Show Tan SLT650259 28L TAN 080TAN28L 606382141340
28R Beige SLT650259 28R BGE 080BGE28R 606382128006
28R Black SLT650259 28R BLK 080BLK28R 606382128174
28R Charcoal SLT650259 28R CHR 080CHA28R 606382133062
28R Dove SLT650259 28R DOV 080 28R DOV
28R Hntr Green SLT650259 28R HGR 080 28R HGR
28R Khaki SLT650259 28R KKI 080KHA28R 606382128693
28R Sea Blue SLT650259 28R SBL 080 28R SBL
28R Show Tan SLT650259 28R TAN 080TAN28R 606382141357
30L Beige SLT650259 30L BGE 080BGE30L 606382128013
30L Black SLT650259 30L BLK 080BLK30L 606382128181
30L Charcoal SLT650259 30L CHR 080CHA30L 606382133079
30L Dove SLT650259 30L DOV 080 30L DOV
30L Hntr Green SLT650259 30L HGR 080 30L HGR
30L Khaki SLT650259 30L KKI 080KHA30L 606382128709
30L Sea Blue SLT650259 30L SBL 080 30L SBL
30L Show Tan SLT650259 30L TAN 080TAN30L 606382141364
30R Beige SLT650259 30R BGE 080BGE30R 606382128020
30R Black SLT650259 30R BLK 080BLK30R 606382128198
30R Charcoal SLT650259 30R CHR 080CHA30R 606382133093
30R Dove SLT650259 30R DOV 080 30R DOV
30R Hntr Green SLT650259 30R HGR 080 30R HGR
30R Khaki SLT650259 30R KKI 080KHA30R 606382128716
30R Sea Blue SLT650259 30R SBL 080 30R SBL
30R Show Tan SLT650259 30R TAN 080TAN30R 606382141371
32L Beige SLT650259 32L BGE 080BGE32L 606382128037
32L Black SLT650259 32L BLK 080BLK32L 606382128204
32L Charcoal SLT650259 32L CHR 080CHA32L 606382133109
32L Dove SLT650259 32L DOV 080 32L DOV
32L Hntr Green SLT650259 32L HGR 080 32L HGR
32L Khaki SLT650259 32L KKI 080KHA32L 606382128723
32L Sea Blue SLT650259 32L SBL 080 32L SBL
32L Show Tan SLT650259 32L TAN 080TAN32L 606382141388
32R Beige SLT650259 32R BGE 080BGE32R 606382128044
32R Black SLT650259 32R BLK 080BLK32R 606382128211
32R Charcoal SLT650259 32R CHR 080CHA32R 606382133116
32R Dove SLT650259 32R DOV 080 32R DOV
32R Hntr Green SLT650259 32R HGR 080 32R HGR
32R Khaki SLT650259 32R KKI 080KHA32R 606382128730
32R Sea Blue SLT650259 32R SBL 080 32R SBL
32R Show Tan SLT650259 32R TAN 080TAN32R 606382141395
34L Beige SLT650259 34L BGE 080 34L BGE 606382128051
34L Black SLT650259 34L BLK 080 34L BLK 606382128228
34L Charcoal SLT650259 34L CHR 080CHA34L 606382133123
34L Dove SLT650259 34L DOV 080GRY34L 606382128570
34L Hntr Green SLT650259 34L HGR 080 34L HGR
34L Khaki SLT650259 34L KKI 080 34L KHA 606382128747
34L Sea Blue SLT650259 34L SBL 080 34L SBL
34L Show Tan SLT650259 34L TAN 080TAN34L 606382141401
34R Beige SLT650259 34R BGE 080BGE34R 606382128068
34R Black SLT650259 34R BLK 080BLK34R 606382128235
34R Charcoal SLT650259 34R CHR 080CHA34R 606382133130
34R Dove SLT650259 34R DOV 080GRY34R 606382128587
34R Hntr Green SLT650259 34R HGR 080 34R HGR
34R Khaki SLT650259 34R KKI 080KHA34R 606382128754
34R Sea Blue SLT650259 34R SBL 080 34R SBL
34R Show Tan SLT650259 34R TAN 080TAN34R 606382141418
36L Beige SLT650259 36L BGE 080 36L BGE 606382128075
36L Black SLT650259 36L BLK 080 36L BLK 606382128242
36L Charcoal SLT650259 36L CHR 080CHA36L 606382133147
36L Dove SLT650259 36L DOV 080GRY36L 606382128594
36L Hntr Green SLT650259 36L HGR 080 36L HGR
36L Khaki SLT650259 36L KKI 080 36L KHA 606382128761
36L Sea Blue SLT650259 36L SBL 080 36L SBL
36L Show Tan SLT650259 36L TAN 080 36L TAN 606382141425
36R Beige SLT650259 36R BGE 080 36R BGE 606382128082
36R Black SLT650259 36R BLK 080 36R BLK 606382128259
36R Charcoal SLT650259 36R CHR 080CHA36R 606382133154
36R Dove SLT650259 36R DOV 080GRY36R 606382128600
36R Hntr Green SLT650259 36R HGR 080 36R HGR
36R Khaki SLT650259 36R KKI 080 36R KHA 606382128778
36R Sea Blue SLT650259 36R SBL 080 36R SBL
36R Show Tan SLT650259 36R TAN 080 36R TAN 606382141432
38L Beige SLT650259 38L BGE 080 38L BGE 606382128099
38L Black SLT650259 38L BLK 080 38L BLK 606382128266
38L Charcoal SLT650259 38L CHR 080CHA38L 606382133161
38L Dove SLT650259 38L DOV 080GRY38L 606382128617
38L Hntr Green SLT650259 38L HGR 080 38L HGR
38L Khaki SLT650259 38L KKI 080 38L KHA 606382128785
38L Sea Blue SLT650259 38L SBL 080 38L SBL
38L Show Tan SLT650259 38L TAN 080 38L TAN 606382141449
38R Beige SLT650259 38R BGE 080 38R BGE 606382128105
38R Black SLT650259 38R BLK 080 38R BLK 606382128273
38R Charcoal SLT650259 38R CHR 080CHA38R 606382133178
38R Dove SLT650259 38R DOV 080GRY38R 606382128624
38R Hntr Green SLT650259 38R HGR 080 38R HGR
38R Khaki SLT650259 38R KKI 080 38R KHA 606382128792
38R Sea Blue SLT650259 38R SBL 080 38R SBL
38R Show Tan SLT650259 38R TAN 080 38R TAN 606382141456

Product Reviews by Customers

4.2 / 5.0
11 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Good. Lightweight.
Good lightweight breech for the price. 28Long fits me well. I am 5'8", 128 lb., 32 inch inseam, 27" waist, 37" hip. Lightweight fabric is great for Summer, but not warm enough for Winter riding. Looks good with half chaps over ankle high riding boots. Fits more like tights than breeches. I have 4 pairs of these now. Would buy again. Would recommend to friend.
February 15, 2017
Very good product
These are very comfortable, fit great, breathable, and excellent for hot summer days. My favorite part is dirt rolls off the material unlike the standard cotton breech that likes to absorb every bit of dirt possible. Must say I really love these and very happy I made the decision to buy these. You won't be sorry, well worth the money.
August 13, 2016
Great fabric, weird fit
I have an older pair of Versailles breeches and love them. But when I got these new ones, the fit was very weird. I felt like PeeWee Herman... the waist was about 2 inches ABOVE my waistline. I recommend them because the fabric is great and I'm sure they'll fit someone.
June 26, 2013
I don't usually write reviews but had to! I was looking for something to wear for these hot summers so I went on previous reviews and bought these. Now the weather's cool so can't attest, BUT, I can confirm that these are SO VERY COMFORTABLE and feel so good against the skin. Regards sizing fyi, I measured my waist and it is on the largest side of scale for the size I ordered so I was worried they would be tight around the waist, but not at all! Fits nicely. I will say though that I'm 5'5" and probably could have gone with longs, but the regulars are ok, but just barely. If I was to order again (but had ordered two already this time) I would go with the longs. But they are ok enough to keep. I do not plan on putting in the dryer.
May 15, 2011
Very light & comfy
I live in south Arkansas were it is very hot in the summer, and these breeches are perfect for warm-weather riding! the one downside is that the knee patches come up to high on the thighs, instead of centering on the knees. Overall great value for price!!!
February 15, 2011
February 3, 2011
I love these breeches!!!
These are the most comfortable breeches I have EVER worn. I bought these in a tack store and was trying on different brands, and after I had these on I knew instantly it was the winner. Didn't even bother trying on any others. They are the most comfortable breeches I have ever worn! They're like a second skin. They do, however, get pilling in the inner leg fairly easily, but that doesn't bother me very much. So if that doesn't bother you either, then I HIGHLY recommend that you buy these. I want to buy a pair in every color when I'm able to, and I'm not usually a big spender. They're THAT comfortable!
November 21, 2010
Too long!
They fit great to the knees but then they keep going for an extra 4 inches. Nobody has a body shaped to fit in those. The fabric feels very comfortable and well put together but the seamstress forgot that these are supposed to stop at 2/3 down the calves ... RETURNED!
October 20, 2010
great pants
I have been wearing these pants for years. Absolutely love them for distance riding. Great as they come in larger sizes for us non skinny types. Find they are great for distance riding as they are soft and breathable.
May 3, 2010
Love these breeches!
I only ride in these breeches! I'm in GA, so they're perfect for the warm weather! They're like a second skin. Just wish they weren't so pricey since they aren't quite as high quality as other breeches.
April 11, 2010
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