Kerrits Freestyle Pocket Tight


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Product Summary:

Kerrits Ladies' Freestyle Pocket Tight

These modern, sporty schooling tights effortlessly integrate function and style. Offering more coverage and a bit of compression, the soft four-way stretch fabric has exceptional shape retention for a great fit. The higher rise with a 3-inch waistband is designed with an inner power-mesh insert to hold and shape the waist. Strategically placed seams visually slenderize, with mesh panels at the lower leg for added ventilation. Two side pockets and Kerrit Sticks™ silicon knee patches complete the look.


  • SoftTek™ fabric stretches and supports for a comfortable fit with exceptional integrity and shape retention
  • Engineered for a slim and supportive fit
  • Lightly brushed exterior is soft to the touch
  • Two thin-profile side pockets are strategically placed for in-saddle access and use
  • Ice Fil® mesh panels at the calf stretch and vent for cooling comfort
  • Kerrit Sticks™ silicon knee patches provide grip and flexibility
  • Wash cold, tumble dry low
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
XS Black Leopard E030521 XS BLK 50402BLK/LPRDXS 848522144938
S Black Leopard E030521 SM BLK 50402BLK/LPRDS 848522145058
M Black Leopard E030521 MD BLK 50402BLK/LPRDM 848522145065
L Black Leopard E030521 LG BLK 50402BLK/LPRDL 848522145072
XL Black Leopard E030521 XL BLK 50402BLK/LPRDXL 848522145089
XS Flint E030521 XS FLT 50402FLINTXS 848522117659
S Flint E030521 SM FLT 50402FLINTS 848522117666
M Flint E030521 MD FLT 50402FLINTM 848522117673
L Flint E030521 LG FLT 50402FLINTL 848522117680
XL Flint E030521 XL FLT 50402FLINTXL 848522117697
XS Purple E030521 XS PRP 50402PURPLEHAZEXS 848522117703
S Purple E030521 SM PRP 50402PURPLEHAZES 848522117710
M Purple E030521 MD PRP 50402PURPLEHAZEM 848522117727
L Purple E030521 LG PRP 50402PURPLEHAZEL 848522117734
XL Purple E030521 XL PRP 50402PURPLEHAZEXL 848522117741
XS Berry Purple E030521 XS BRY 50402BLACKBERRYXS 848522163786
S Berry Purple E030521 SM BRY 50402BLACKBERRYS 848522163793
M Berry Purple E030521 MD BRY 50402BLACKBERRYM 848522163809
L Berry Purple E030521 LG BRY 50402BLACKBERRYL 848522163816
XL Berry Purple E030521 XL BRY 50402BLACKBERRYXL 848522163823
01X Black Leopard E030521 01X BLK 50402BLK/LPRD1X 848522145096
02X Black Leopard E030521 02X BLK 50402BLK/LPRD2X 848522145102
XS Blue Bird E030521 XS BLU 50402INDG/BLBDXS 848522158607
S Blue Bird E030521 SM BLU 50402INDG/BLBDS 848522158591
M Blue Bird E030521 MD BLU 50402INDG/BLBDM 848522158584
L Blue Bird E030521 LG BLU 50402INDG/BLBDL 848522158577
XL Blue Bird E030521 XL BLU 50402INDG/BLBDXL 848522158560
1X Blue Bird E030521 1X BLU 50402INDG/BLBD1X 848522158553
02X Blue Bird E030521 02X BLU 50402INDG/BLBD2X 848522158676
XS Brown E030521 XS BRN 50402WLNT/LPRDXS 848522158546
S Brown E030521 SM BRN 50402WLNT/LPRDS 848522158669
M Brown E030521 MD BRN 50402WLNT/LPRDM 848522158652
L Brown E030521 LG BRN 50402WLNT/LPRDL 848522158645
XL Brown E030521 XL BRN 50402WLNT/LPRDXL 848522158638
01X Brown E030521 01X BRN 50402WLNT/LPRD1X 848522158621
02X Brown E030521 02X BRN 50402WLNT/LPRD2X 848522158614
01X Flint E030521 01X FLT E030521 01X FLT
02X Flint E030521 02X FLT E030521 02X FLT
01X Purple E030521 01X PRP E030521 01X PRP
02X Purple E030521 02X PRP E030521 02X PRP
01X Berry Purple E030521 01X BRY E030521 01X BRY
02X Berry Purple E030521 02X BRY E030521 02X BRY
1X A Blue E030521 1X ABL 50402ADMIR/WAT1X 848522181582
1X Black/Black E030521 1X BKB 50402BLACK/BLACK1X 848522180981
2X A Blue E030521 2X ABL 50402ADMIR/WAT2X 848522174645
2X Black/Black E030521 2X BKB 50402BLACK/BLACK2X 848522174041
L A Blue E030521 LG ABL 50402ADMIR/WATL 848522176151
L Black/Black E030521 LG BKB 50402BLACK/BLACKL 848522175550
M A Blue E030521 MD ABL 50402ADMIR/WATM 848522173433
M Black/Black E030521 MD BKB 50402BLACK/BLACKM 848522172832
S A Blue E030521 SM ABL 50402ADMIR/WATS 848522180370
S Black/Black E030521 SM BKB 50402BLACK/BLACKS 848522179787
XL A Blue E030521 XL ABL 50402ADMIR/WATXL 848522178872
XL Black/Black E030521 XL BKB 50402BLACK/BLACKXL 848522178278
XS A Blue E030521 XS ABL 50402ADMIR/WATXS 848522177660
XS Black/Black E030521 XS BKB 50402BLACK/BLACKXS 848522177073
1X Black Leopard E030521 1X BLK
2X Black Leopard E030521 2X BLK
1X Berry Purple E030521 1X BRY
2X Berry Purple E030521 2X BRY
2X Blue Bird E030521 2X BLU
1X Brown E030521 1X BRN
2X Brown E030521 2X BRN
XS Admiral Blue E030521 XS ADL
S Admiral Blue E030521 SM ADL
M Admiral Blue E030521 MD ADL
L Admiral Blue E030521 LG ADL
XL Admiral Blue E030521 XL ADL
1X Admiral Blue E030521 1X ADL
2X Admiral Blue E030521 2X ADL
XS Charcoal/Black E030521 XS CHA 50402CHARHEATH/BLKXS 840263315059
S Charcoal/Black E030521 SM CHA 50402CHARHEATH/BLKS 840263315066
M Charcoal/Black E030521 MD CHA 50402CHARHEATH/BLKM 840263315073
L Charcoal/Black E030521 LG CHA 50402CHARHEATH/BLKL 840263315080
XL Charcoal/Black E030521 XL CHA 50402CHARHEATH/BLKXL 840263315097
1X Charcoal/Black E030521 1X CHA 50402CHARHEATH/BLK1X 840263315103
2X Charcoal/Black E030521 2X CHA 50402CHARHEATH/BLK2X 840263315110
XS Blue/Topaz E030521 XS BLT 50402LAGOON/TPZXS 840263315127
S Blue/Topaz E030521 SM BLT 50402LAGOON/TPZS 840263315134
M Blue/Topaz E030521 MD BLT 50402LAGOON/TPZM 840263315141
L Blue/Topaz E030521 LG BLT 50402LAGOON/TPZL 840263315158
XL Blue/Topaz E030521 XL BLT 50402LAGOON/TPZXL 840263315165
1X Blue/Topaz E030521 1X BLT 50402LAGOON/TPZ1X 840263315172
2X Blue/Topaz E030521 2X BLT 50402LAGOON/TPZ2X 840263315189
XS Sangria/Black E030521 XS SAN 50402SANGRIA/BLKXS 840263315196
S Sangria/Black E030521 SM SAN 50402SANGRIA/BLKS 840263315202
M Sangria/Black E030521 MD SAN 50402SANGRIA/BLKM 840263315219
L Sangria/Black E030521 LG SAN 50402SANGRIA/BLKL 840263315226
XL Sangria/Black E030521 XL SAN 50402SANGRIA/BLKXL 840263315233
1X Sangria/Black E030521 1X SAN 50402SANGRIA/BLK1X 840263315240
2X Sangria/Black E030521 2X SAN 50402SANGRIA/BLK2X 840263315257
XS Shadow/Black E030521 XS SHD 50402SHAD/BLKXS 848522187836
S Shadow/Black E030521 SM SHD 50402SHAD/BLKS 848522187843
M Shadow/Black E030521 MD SHD 50402SHAD/BLKM 848522187850
L Shadow/Black E030521 LG SHD 50402SHAD/BLKL 848522187867
XL Shadow/Black E030521 XL SHD 50402SHAD/BLKXL 848522187874
1X Shadow/Black E030521 1X SHD 50402SHAD/BLK1X 848522187881
1X Black E030521 1X BLKS 50402BLACK1X 840263319422
2X Black E030521 2X BLKS 50402BLACK2X 840263319439
L Black E030521 LG BLKS 50402BLACKL 840263319408
M Black E030521 MD BLKS 50402BLACKM 840263319392
S Black E030521 SM BLKS 50402BLACKS 840263319385
XL Black E030521 XL BLKS 50402BLACKXL 840263319415
XS Black E030521 XS BLKS 50402BLACKXS 840263319378
01X Cinder E030521 01X CND 50402CINDER1X 840263347890
01X Nightsky E030521 01X NGH 50402NIGHTSKY1X 840263347951
01X Vineyard E030521 01X VNE 50402VINEYARD1X 840263348019
02X Cinder E030521 02X CND 50402CINDER2X 840263347883
02X Nightsky E030521 02X NGH 50402NIGHTSKY2X 840263347944
02X Vineyard E030521 02X VNE 50402VINEYARD2X 840263348071
L Cinder E030521 LG CND 50402CINDERL 840263347913
L Nightsky E030521 LG NGH 50402NIGHTSKYL 840263347975
L Vineyard E030521 LG VNE 50402VINEYARDL 840263348033
M Cinder E030521 MD CND 50402CINDERM 840263347920
M Nightsky E030521 MD NGH 50402NIGHTSKYM 840263347982
M Vineyard E030521 MD VNE 50402VINEYARDM 840263348040
S Cinder E030521 SM CND 50402CINDERS 840263347937
S Nightsky E030521 SM NGH 50402NIGHTSKYS 840263347999
S Vineyard E030521 SM VNE 50402VINEYARDS 840263348057
XL Cinder E030521 XL CND 50402CINDERXL 840263347906
XL Nightsky E030521 XL NGH 50402NIGHTSKYXL 840263347968
XL Vineyard E030521 XL VNE 50402VINEYARDXL 840263348026
XS Cinder E030521 XS CND 50402CINDERXS 840263347876
XS Nightsky E030521 XS NGH 50402NIGHTSKYXS 840263348002
XS Vineyard E030521 XS VNE 50402VINEYARDXS 840263348064

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