Kerrits Powerstretch KP Pocket Tights


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Product Summary:

Kerrits Powerstretch Knee Patch Pocket Tights

Feel as sassy as your steed when the temperatures dip! Soft, brushed fleece inside these thermal-weight tights are insulated to keep you warm and happy. Kerrits Sticks™ along the knee add stick without restricting. Zippered side pockets keep your phone secure. Blissfully comfortable and stretchy, they feel like equestrian sweatpants, but are engineered for cold-weather performance.


  • Thermal weight Polartec® Powerstretch® is brushed for softness next-to-skin
  • Matte outer sheds hay and horse hair
  • Four-way stretch provides unrestricted movement and comfort
  • Wide comfort elastic waistband with belt loops
  • Secure zipper pocket is purposely placed for in-saddle use
  • Kerrit Sticks™ knee patches provide flexible, no-slip grip
  • Wash cold, tumble dry no heat
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
M Raisin E024169 MD RAI 50252RAISINM 840263301694
M Spruce E024169 MD SPC 50252SPRUCEM 840263301830
L Spruce E024169 LG SPC 50252SPRUCEL 840263301847
M Admiral E024169 MD ADM 50252ADMIRALM 840263301625
XL Admiral E024169 XL ADM 50252ADMIRALXL 840263301649
XS Black E024169 XS BLK 50252BLKXS 848522091843
S Black E024169 SM BLK 50252BLKS 848522091850
M Black E024169 MD BLK 50252BLKM 848522091867
L Black E024169 LG BLK 50252BLKL 848522091874
XL Black E024169 XL BLK 50252BLKXL 848522091881
1X Black E024169 1X BLK 50252BLK1X 848522091898
XS Denim E024169 XS DEN 50252DARKDENIM XS 848522091911
S Denim E024169 SM DEN 50252DARKDENIM S 848522091928
M Denim E024169 MD DEN 50252DARKDENIM M 848522091935
L Denim E024169 LG DEN 50252DARKDENIM L 848522091942
XL Denim E024169 XL DEN 50252DARKDENIM XL 848522091959
1X Denim E024169 1X DEN 50252DARKDENIM 1X 848522091966
XS Mulberry E024169 XS MUL 50252MULBERRY XS 848522091980
S Mulberry E024169 SM MUL 50252MULBERRY S 848522091997
M Mulberry E024169 MD MUL 50252MULBERRY M 848522092000
L Mulberry E024169 LG MUL 50252MULBERRY L 848522092017
XL Mulberry E024169 XL MUL 50252MULBERRY XL 848522092024
1X Mulberry E024169 1X MUL 50252MULBERRY 1X 848522092031
XS Tan E024169 XS TAN 50252TANXS 848522095049
S Tan E024169 SM TAN 50252TANS 848522095056
M Tan E024169 MD TAN 50252TANM 848522095063
L Tan E024169 LG TAN 50252TANL 848522095070
XL Tan E024169 XL TAN 50252TANXL 848522095087
1X Tan E024169 1X TAN 50252TAN1X 848522095094
XS Stone E024169 XS STN 50252STONE XS 848522092055
S Stone E024169 SM STN 50252STONE S 848522092062
M Stone E024169 MD STN 50252STONE M 848522092079
L Stone E024169 LG STN 50252STONE L 848522092086
XL Stone E024169 XL STN 50252STONE XL 848522092093
1X Stone E024169 1X STN 50252STONE 1X 848522092109
2X Stone E024169 2X STN 50252STONE 2X 848522092116
2X Denim E024169 2X DEN 50252DARKDENIM 2X 848522091973
2X Mulberry E024169 2X MUL 50252MULBERRY 2X 848522092048
XS Platinum E024169 XS PLT 50252PLATINUMXS 848522107810
S Platinum E024169 SM PLT 50252PLATINUMS 848522107827
M Platinum E024169 MD PLT 50252PLATINUMM 848522107834
L Platinum E024169 LG PLT 50252PLATINUML 848522107841
XL Platinum E024169 XL PLT 50252PLATINUMXL 848522107858
1X Platinum E024169 1X PLT 50252PLATINUM1X 848522107865
2X Black E024169 2X BLK 50252BLK2X 848522091904
2X Platinum E024169 2X PLT 50252PLATINUM2X 848522107872
S Evergreen E024169 SM EVR 50252EVERGREENS 848522130764
M Evergreen E024169 MD EVR 50252EVERGREENM 848522130757
L Evergreen E024169 LG EVR 50252EVERGREENL 848522130740
XL Evergreen E024169 XL EVR 50252EVERGREENXL 848522130733
1X Evergreen E024169 1X EVR 50252EVERGREEN1X 848522130726
S Sapphire E024169 SM SAP 50252SAPPHIRES 848522130856
M Sapphire E024169 MD SAP 50252SAPPHIREM 848522130863
L Sapphire E024169 LG SAP 50252SAPPHIREL 848522130870
XL Sapphire E024169 XL SAP 50252SAPPHIREXL 848522130887
1X Sapphire E024169 1X SAP 50252SAPPHIRE1X 848522130894
S Obsidian Gray E024169 SM OBS 50252OBSIDIANS 848522159703
M Obsidian Gray E024169 MD OBS 50252OBSIDIANM 848522159710
L Obsidian Gray E024169 LG OBS 50252OBSIDIANL 848522159727
XL Obsidian Gray E024169 XL OBS 50252OBSIDIANXL 848522159734
1X Obsidian Gray E024169 1X OBS 50252OBSIDIAN1X 848522159741
2X Obsidian Gray E024169 2X OBS 50252OBSIDIAN2X 848522159864
1X Shadow Gray E024169 1X SHD 50252SHADOW1X 848522199464
2X Shadow Gray E024169 2X SHD 50252SHADOW2X 848522199471
L Shadow Gray E024169 LG SHD 50252SHADOWL 840263301779
M Shadow Gray E024169 MD SHD 50252SHADOWM 840263301762
S Shadow Gray E024169 SM SHD 50252SHADOWS 840263301755
XL Shadow Gray E024169 XL SHD 50252SHADOWXL 840263301786
XS Shadow Gray E024169 XS SHD 50252SHADOWXS 848522199419
2X Tan E024169 2X TAN 50252TAN2X 848522095100
XS Evergreen E024169 XS EVR
2X Evergreen E024169 2X EVR
XS Sapphire E024169 XS SAP
2X Sapphire E024169 2X SAP
XS Obsidian Gray E024169 XS OBS
1X Huckleberry E024169 1X HUC 50252HUCKLEBERRY1X 840263334647
1X Ink E024169 1X INK 50252INK1X 840263334715
1X Leather E024169 1X LEA 50252LEATHER1X 840263334784
1X Sangria E024169 1X SAN 50252SANGRIA1X 840263334852
2X Huckleberry E024169 2X HUC 50252HUCKLEBERRY2X 840263334654
2X Ink E024169 2X INK 50252INK2X 840263334722
2X Leather E024169 2X LEA 50252LEATHER2X 840263334791
2X Sangria E024169 2X SAN 50252SANGRIA2X 840263334869
L Huckleberry E024169 LG HUC 50252HUCKLEBERRYL 840263334623
L Ink E024169 LG INK 50252INKL 840263334692
L Leather E024169 LG LEA 50252LEATHERL 840263334760
L Sangria E024169 LG SAN 50252SANGRIAL 840263334838
M Huckleberry E024169 MD HUC 50252HUCKLEBERRYM 840263334616
M Ink E024169 MD INK 50252INKM 840263334685
M Leather E024169 MD LEA 50252LEATHERM 840263334753
M Sangria E024169 MD SAN 50252SANGRIAM 840263334821
S Huckleberry E024169 SM HUC 50252HUCKLEBERRYS 840263334609
S Ink E024169 SM INK 50252INKS 840263334678
S Leather E024169 SM LEA 50252LEATHERS 840263334746
S Sangria E024169 SM SAN 50252SANGRIAS 840263334814
XL Huckleberry E024169 XL HUC 50252HUCKLEBERRYXL 840263334630
XL Ink E024169 XL INK 50252INKXL 840263334708
XL Leather E024169 XL LEA 50252LEATHERXL 840263334777
XL Sangria E024169 XL SAN 50252SANGRIAXL 840263334845
XS Huckleberry E024169 XS HUC 50252HUCKLEBERRYXS 840263334593
XS Ink E024169 XS INK 50252INKXS 840263334661
XS Leather E024169 XS LEA 50252LEATHERXS 840263334739
XS Sangria E024169 XS SAN 50252SANGRIAXS 840263334807
1X Spruce E024169 1X SPC 50252SPRUCE1X 840263301861
2X Admiral E024169 2X ADM 50252ADMIRAL2X 840263301663
2X Shadow E024169 2X SHG 50252SHADOW2X 840263301809
2X Spruce E024169 2X SPC 50252SPRUCE2X 840263301878
XL Spruce E024169 XL SPC 50252SPRUCE2X 840263301854
1X Cinder E024169 1X CND 50252CINDER1X 840263359091
1X Nightsky E024169 1X NGT 50252NIGHTSKY1X 840263359169
1X Seal E024169 1X SEA 50252SEAL1X 840263359237
1X Vineyard E024169 1X VNE 50252VINEYARD1X 840263359305
2X Cinder E024169 2X CND 50252CINDER2X 840263359107
2X Nightsky E024169 2X NGT 50252NIGHTSKY2X 840263359176
2X Seal E024169 2X SEA 50252SEAL2X 840263359244
2X Vineyard E024169 2X VNE 50252VINEYARD2X 840263359312
L Cinder E024169 LG CND 50252CINDERL 840263359077
L Nightsky E024169 LG NGT 50252NIGHTSKYL 840263359145
L Seal E024169 LG SEA 50252SEALL 840263359213
L Vineyard E024169 LG VNE 50252VINEYARDL 840263359282
M Cinder E024169 MD CND 50252CINDERM 840263359060
M Nightsky E024169 MD NGT 50252NIGHTSKYM 840263359138
M Seal E024169 MD SEA 50252SEALM 840263359206
M Vineyard E024169 MD VNE 50252VINEYARDM 840263359275
S Cinder E024169 SM CND 50252CINDERS 840263359053
S Nightsky E024169 SM NGT 50252NIGHTSKYS 840263359121
S Seal E024169 SM SEA 50252SEALS 840263359190
S Vineyard E024169 SM VNE 50252VINEYARDS 840263359268
XL Cinder E024169 XL CND 50252CINDERXL 840263359084
XL Nightsky E024169 XL NGT 50252NIGHTSKYXL 840263359152
XL Seal E024169 XL SEA 50252SEALXL 840263359220
XL Vineyard E024169 XL VNE 50252VINEYARDXL 840263359299
XS Cinder E024169 XS CND 50252CINDERXS 840263359046
XS Nightsky E024169 XS NGT 50252NIGHTSKYXS 840263359114
XS Seal E024169 XS SEA 50252SEALXS 840263359183
XS Vineyard E024169 XS VNE 50252VINEYARDXS 840263359251

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