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Ovation Ladies AeroWick FS Tight

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Product Summary:

Ovation Ladies' AeroWick Full Seat Tight
These tights are made with AeroWick™, a knit ultra-light micro polyester with maximum stretch comfort that is slimming, smoothing, and supportive.
Note: due to a manufacturing error, the tags on this tights may be printed with the wrong size. However, sizing is correct. 
  • QuadFlex™ – Knit 4-way stretch and ultimate shape retention
  • RepelTech™ – Resistant to abrasion and repels hair and dirt
  • FreshLock™ – Odor resistant and antimicrobial
  • PrimaUV™ – UPF 30 premium protection against 96% of UVA
Item Specifications

AeroWick™ smooth ultralight spun polyester spandex

Classic, average shape to hip and thigh

Mid, slightly below the navel (+/- 1")

Regular 1½"

Front Pockets:
Side positioned EZ-V

Ankle Type:
Shaped stretch spandex

Full Seat:
Grip-Tec™ silicone

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
XS Dusk Blue E024465 XS DBLU 470258DUSBLXSM 841095027097
S Dusk Blue E024465 SM DBLU 470258DUSBLSML 841095007617
M Dusk Blue E024465 MD DBLU 470258DUSBLMED 841095007600
L Dusk Blue E024465 LG DBLU 470258DUSBLLRG 841095007594
XL Dusk Blue E024465 XL DBLU 470258DUSBLXLRG 841095007624
XS Wisteria E024465 XS WIS 470258WISTRXSM 841095027141
S Wisteria E024465 SM WIS 470258WISTRSML 841095027127
M Wisteria E024465 MD WIS 470258WISTRMED 841095027110
L Wisteria E024465 LG WIS 470258WISTRLRG 841095027103
XL Wisteria E024465 XL WIS 470258WISTRXLRG 841095027134
XS Peacock E024465 XS PEA 470258PEACKXSM 841095027509
S Peacock E024465 SM PEA 470258PEACKSML 841095027387
M Peacock E024465 MD PEA 470258PEACKMED 841095027325
L Peacock E024465 LG PEA 470258PEACKLRG 841095027264
XL Peacock E024465 XL PEA 470258PEACKXLRG 841095027448
XS Olive E024465 XS OLI 470258OLIVEXSM 841095055281
S Olive E024465 SM OLI 470258OLIVESML 841095055267
M Olive E024465 MD OLI 470258OLIVEMED 841095055250
L Olive E024465 LG OLI 470258OLIVELRG 841095055243
XL Olive E024465 XL OLI 470258OLIVEXLRG 841095055274
XS Black E024465 XS BLK 470258BLK XSM 841095056646
S Black E024465 SM BLK 470258BLK SML 841095056622
M Black E024465 MD BLK 470258BLK MED 841095056592
L Black E024465 LG BLK 470258BLK LRG 841095056585
XL Black E024465 XL BLK 470258BLK XLRG 841095056639
XS Navy E024465 XS NVY 470258NAVY XSM 841095071847
S Navy E024465 SM NVY 470258NAVY SML 841095071823
M Navy E024465 MD NVY 470258NAVY MED 841095071816
L Navy E024465 LG NVY 470258NAVY LRG 841095071809
XL Navy E024465 XL NVY 470258NAVY XLRG 841095071830
XS Mocha E024465 XS MOC 470258MOCHAXSM 841095074084
S Mocha E024465 SM MOC 470258MOCHASML 841095074060
M Mocha E024465 MD MOC 470258MOCHAMED 841095074039
L Mocha E024465 LG MOC 470258MOCHALRG 841095074022
XL Mocha E024465 XL MOC 470258MOCHAXLRG 841095074077
XS Wine E024465 XS WNE 470258WINE XSM 841095074138
S Wine E024465 SM WNE 470258WINE SML 841095074114
M Wine E024465 MD WNE 470258WINE MED 841095074107
L Wine E024465 LG WNE 470258WINE LRG 841095074091
XL Wine E024465 XL WNE 470258WINE XLRG 841095074121
XS Neutral Beige E024465 XS NBEI 470258NEUBEXSM 841095089019
S Neutral Beige E024465 SM NBEI 470258NEUBESML 841095088999
M Neutral Beige E024465 MD NBEI 470258NEUBEMED 841095088982
L Neutral Beige E024465 LG NBEI 470258NEUBELRG 841095088975
XL Neutral Beige E024465 XL NBEI 470258NEUBEXLRG 841095089002
XS Frosty Spruce E024465 XS FSPR 470258FRSPRXSM 841095090299
S Frosty Spruce E024465 SM FSPR 470258FRSPRSML 841095090213
M Frosty Spruce E024465 MD FSPR 470258FRSPRMED 841095090183
L Frosty Spruce E024465 LG FSPR 470258FRSPRLRG 841095090176
XL Frosty Spruce E024465 XL FSPR 470258FRSPRXLRG 841095090220
XS Taupe E024465 XS TAU 470258TAUPEXSM 841095090343
S Taupe E024465 SM TAU 470258TAUPESML 841095090329
M Taupe E024465 MD TAU 470258TAUPEMED 841095090312
L Taupe E024465 LG TAU 470258TAUPELRG 841095090305
XL Taupe E024465 XL TAU 470258TAUPEXLRG 841095090336
XS Dazzling Blue E024465 XS DAZB 470258DAZBLXSM 841095093924
S Dazzling Blue E024465 SM DAZB 470258DAZBLSML 841095093900
M Dazzling Blue E024465 MD DAZB 470258DAZBLMED 841095093894
L Dazzling Blue E024465 LG DAZB 470258DAZBLLRG 841095093887
XL Dazzling Blue E024465 XL DAZB 470258DAZBLXLRG 841095093917
XS Grey E024465 XS GRY 470258GREY XSM 841095071793
S Grey E024465 SM GRY 470258GREY SML 841095071779
M Grey E024465 MD GRY 470258GREY MED 841095071762
L Grey E024465 LG GRY 470258GREY LRG 841095071755
XL Grey E024465 XL GRY 470258GREY XLRG 841095071786
1X Olive E024465 XXL OLI 470258OLIVE1X 841095090077
2X Olive E024465 XXXL OLI 470258OLIVE2X 841095090084
1X Black E024465 XXL BLK 470258BLK 1X 841095089958
2X Black E024465 XXXL BLK 470258BLK 2X 841095089965
1X Grey E024465 XXL GRY 470258GREY 1X 841095089996
2X Grey E024465 XXXL GRY 470258GREY 2X 841095090008
1X Navy E024465 XXL NVY 470258NAVY 1X 841095090039
2X Navy E024465 XXXL NVY 470258NAVY 2X 841095090046
1X Mocha E024465 XXL MOC 470258MOCHA1X 841095086766
2X Mocha E024465 XXXL MOC 470258MOCHA2X 841095070864
1X Wine E024465 XXL WNE
1X Neutral Beige E024465 XXL NBEI 470258NEUBE1X 841095090053
2X Neutral Beige E024465 XXXL NBEI 470258NEUBE2X 841095090060
XS Grape E024465 XS GRA 470258CONCDXSM 841095007020
S Grape E024465 SM GRA 470258CONCDSML 841095007006
M Grape E024465 MD GRA 470258CONCDMED 841095006993
L Grape E024465 LG GRA 470258CONCDLRG 841095006986
XL Grape E024465 XL GRA 470258CONCDXLRG 841095007013
1X Grape E024465 XXL GRA 470258CONCD1X 841095043561
2X Grape E024465 XXXL GRA 470258CONCD2X 841095086506
XS Dutch Blue E024465 XS DTBL 470258DUTCHXSM 841095007082
S Dutch Blue E024465 SM DTBL 470258DUTCHSML 841095007068
M Dutch Blue E024465 MD DTBL 470258DUTCHMED 841095007051
L Dutch Blue E024465 LG DTBL 470258DUTCHLRG 841095007044
XL Dutch Blue E024465 XL DTBL 470258DUTCHXLRG 841095007075
1X Dutch Blue E024465 XXL DTBL 470258DUTCH1X 841095017746
2X Dutch Blue E024465 XXXL DTBL 470258DUTCH2X 841095073971
XS Dark Teal E024465 XS TEA 470258DKTEAXSM 841095082720
L Dark Teal E024465 LG TEA 470258DKTEALRG 841095007143
XL Dark Teal E024465 XL TEA 470258DKTEAXLRG 841095082713
2X Dark Teal E024465 XXXL TEA 470258DKTEA2X 841095079225
1X Dusk Blue E024465 XXL DBLU
2X Dusk Blue E024465 XXXL DBLU
1X Wisteria E024465 XXL WIS
2X Wisteria E024465 XXXL WIS
1X Peacock E024465 XXL PEA
2X Peacock E024465 XXXL PEA
2X Wine E024465 XXXL WNE 470258WINE 2X 841095031957
1X Frosty Spruce E024465 XXL FSPR
2X Frosty Spruce E024465 XXXL FSPR
1X Taupe E024465 XXL TAU
2X Taupe E024465 XXXL TAU
1X Dazzling Blue E024465 XXL DAZB
2X Dazzling Blue E024465 XXXL DAZB
S Dark Teal E024465 SM TEA 470258DKTEASML 841095007204
M Dark Teal E024465 MD TEA 470258DKTEAMED 841095007273
1X Dark Teal E024465 XXL TEA 470258DKTEA1X 841095017739
XS Java Brown E024465 XS JAV 470258JAVBRXSM 840031306180
S Java Brown E024465 SM JAV 470258JAVBRSML 840031306166
M Java Brown E024465 MD JAV 470258JAVBRMED 840031306159
L Java Brown E024465 LG JAV 470258JAVBRLRG 840031306142
XL Java Brown E024465 XL JAV 470258JAVBRXLRG 840031306173
1X Java Brown E024465 XXL JAV 470258JAVBR1X 840031306128
2X Java Brown E024465 XXXL JAV 470258JAVBR2X 840031306135
XS Juniper E024465 XS JUN 470258JUNIPXSM 840031306258
S Juniper E024465 SM JUN 470258JUNIPSML 840031306234
M Juniper E024465 MD JUN 470258JUNIPMED 840031306227
L Juniper E024465 LG JUN 470258JUNIPLRG 840031306210
XL Juniper E024465 XL JUN 470258JUNIPXLRG 840031306241
1X Juniper E024465 XXL JUN 470258JUNIP1X 840031306197
2X Juniper E024465 XXXL JUN 470258JUNIP2X 840031306203

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