Ovation Ladies AeroWick KP Tight


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Product Summary:

Ovation Ladies AeroWick Knee Patch Tight
Do you ever slip on your yoga tights and think Jeez, I wish my riding pants were this comfortable and convenient? Ask and you shall receive. These pull-on, knee patch tights slim and smooth while being supportive, in and out of the saddle. The resist abrasion and repel dirt and hair, while also keeping you fresh feeling and protected from the sun.
  • AeroWick Knit ultra-light micro polyester with maximum stretch comfort that is slimming, smoothing and supportive
  • QuadFlex Knit 4-way stretch with ultimate shape retention
  • RepelTech resistant to abrasion and repels hair and dirt
  • FreshLock odor resistant and antimicrobial
  • PrimaUV UPF 30 premium protection against 96% of UVA
  • Grip-Tec provides ultimate grip without restricting freedom of movement

Care Instructions 
Machine Wash
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
S Cool Blue E024466 SM CBL 470259COOBLSML 810083913087
S Lavender E024466 SM LAV 470259LAV SML 810083913148
XS Dusk Blue E024466 XS DBLU 470259DUSBLXSM 841095027684
S Dusk Blue E024466 SM DBLU 470259DUSBLSML 841095027561
M Dusk Blue E024466 MD DBLU 470259DUSBLMED 841095027554
L Dusk Blue E024466 LG DBLU 470259DUSBLLRG 841095027547
XL Dusk Blue E024466 XL DBLU 470259DUSBLXLRG 841095027622
XS Wisteria E024466 XS WIS 470259WISTRXSM 841095027813
S Wisteria E024466 SM WIS 470259WISTRSML 841095027790
M Wisteria E024466 MD WIS 470259WISTRMED 841095027745
L Wisteria E024466 LG WIS 470259WISTRLRG 841095027738
XL Wisteria E024466 XL WIS 470259WISTRXLRG 841095027806
XS Peacock E024466 XS PEA 470259PEACKXSM 841095027868
S Peacock E024466 SM PEA 470259PEACKSML 841095027844
M Peacock E024466 MD PEA 470259PEACKMED 841095027837
L Peacock E024466 LG PEA 470259PEACKLRG 841095027820
XL Peacock E024466 XL PEA 470259PEACKXLRG 841095027851
XS Black E024466 XS BLK 470259BLK XSM 841095055335
S Black E024466 SM BLK 470259BLK SML 841095055311
M Black E024466 MD BLK 470259BLK MED 841095055304
L Black E024466 LG BLK 470259BLK LRG 841095055298
XL Black E024466 XL BLK 470259BLK XLRG 841095055328
XS Neutral Beige E024466 XS NBEI 470259NEUBEXSM 841095055434
S Neutral Beige E024466 SM NBEI 470259NEUBESML 841095055410
M Neutral Beige E024466 MD NBEI 470259NEUBEMED 841095055403
L Neutral Beige E024466 LG NBEI 470259NEUBELRG 841095055397
XL Neutral Beige E024466 XL NBEI 470259NEUBEXLRG 841095055427
XS Olive E024466 XS OLI 470259OLIVEXSM 841095055496
S Olive E024466 SM OLI 470259OLIVESML 841095055472
M Olive E024466 MD OLI 470259OLIVEMED 841095055465
L Olive E024466 LG OLI 470259OLIVELRG 841095055458
XL Olive E024466 XL OLI 470259OLIVEXLRG 841095055489
XS Mocha E024466 XS MOC 470259MOCHAXSM 841095071892
S Mocha E024466 SM MOC 470259MOCHASML 841095071878
M Mocha E024466 MD MOC 470259MOCHAMED 841095071861
L Mocha E024466 LG MOC 470259MOCHALRG 841095071854
XL Mocha E024466 XL MOC 470259MOCHAXLRG 841095071885
XS Wine E024466 XS WNE 470259WINE XSM 841095071946
S Wine E024466 SM WNE 470259WINE SML 841095071922
M Wine E024466 MD WNE 470259WINE MED 841095071915
L Wine E024466 LG WNE 470259WINE LRG 841095071908
XL Wine E024466 XL WNE 470259WINE XLRG 841095071939
XS Grey E024466 XS GRY 470259GREY XSM 841095072110
S Grey E024466 SM GRY 470259GREY SML 841095072073
M Grey E024466 MD GRY 470259GREY MED 841095072066
L Grey E024466 LG GRY 470259GREY LRG 841095072059
XL Grey E024466 XL GRY 470259GREY XLRG 841095072097
XS Navy E024466 XS NVY 470259NAVY XSM 841095072165
S Navy E024466 SM NVY 470259NAVY SML 841095072141
M Navy E024466 MD NVY 470259NAVY MED 841095072134
L Navy E024466 LG NVY 470259NAVY LRG 841095072127
XL Navy E024466 XL NVY 470259NAVY XLRG 841095072158
XS Frosty Spruce E024466 XS FSPR 470259FRSPRXSM 841095094006
S Frosty Spruce E024466 SM FSPR 470259FRSPRSML 841095093979
M Frosty Spruce E024466 MD FSPR 470259FRSPRMED 841095093955
L Frosty Spruce E024466 LG FSPR 470259FRSPRLRG 841095093931
XL Frosty Spruce E024466 XL FSPR 470259FRSPRXLRG 841095093993
XS Taupe E024466 XS TAU 470259TAUPEXSM 841095094051
S Taupe E024466 SM TAU 470259TAUPESML 841095094037
M Taupe E024466 MD TAU 470259TAUPEMED 841095094020
L Taupe E024466 LG TAU 470259TAUPELRG 841095094013
XL Taupe E024466 XL TAU 470259TAUPEXLRG 841095094044
XS Dazzling Blue E024466 XS DAZB 470259DAZBLXSM 841095094105
S Dazzling Blue E024466 SM DAZB 470259DAZBLSML 841095094082
M Dazzling Blue E024466 MD DAZB 470259DAZBLMED 841095094075
L Dazzling Blue E024466 LG DAZB 470259DAZBLLRG 841095094068
XL Dazzling Blue E024466 XL DAZB 470259DAZBLXLRG 841095094099
XS Concord Grape E024466 XS CGRP 470259CONCDXSM 841095099582
S Concord Grape E024466 SM CGRP 470259CONCDSML 841095099544
M Concord Grape E024466 MD CGRP 470259CONCDMED 841095092057
L Concord Grape E024466 LG CGRP 470259CONCDLRG 841095082737
XL Concord Grape E024466 XL CGRP 470259CONCDXLRG 841095099568
XS Dutch Blue E024466 XS DUTB 470259DUTCHXSM 841095099643
S Dutch Blue E024466 SM DUTB 470259DUTCHSML 841095099629
M Dutch Blue E024466 MD DUTB 470259DUTCHMED 841095099612
L Dutch Blue E024466 LG DUTB 470259DUTCHLRG 841095099599
XL Dutch Blue E024466 XL DUTB 470259DUTCHXLRG 841095099636
XS Dark Teal E024466 XS DTEA 470259DKTEAXSM 841095099698
S Dark Teal E024466 SM DTEA 470259DKTEASML 841095099674
M Dark Teal E024466 MD DTEA 470259DKTEAMED 841095099667
L Dark Teal E024466 LG DTEA 470259DKTEALRG 841095099650
XL Dark Teal E024466 XL DTEA 470259DKTEAXLRG 841095099681
1X Dusk Blue E024466 1X DBLU
2X Dusk Blue E024466 2X DBLU
1X Wisteria E024466 1X WIS
2X Wisteria E024466 2X WIS
1X Peacock E024466 1X PEA
2X Peacock E024466 2X PEA
1X Black E024466 1X BLK 470259BLK 1X 841095090152
2X Black E024466 2X BLK 470259BLK 2X 841095090169
1X Neutral Beige E024466 1X NBEI 470259NEUBE1X 841095090251
2X Neutral Beige E024466 2X NBEI 470259NEUBE2X 841095090268
1X Olive E024466 1X OLI
2X Olive E024466 2X OLI
1X Mocha E024466 1X MOC 470259MOCHA1X 841095011171
2X Mocha E024466 2X MOC 470259MOCHA2X 841095011164
1X Wine E024466 1X WNE
2X Wine E024466 2X WNE
1X Grey E024466 1X GRY 470259GREY 1X 841095090190
2X Grey E024466 2X GRY 470259GREY 2X 841095090206
1X Navy E024466 1X NVY 470259NAVY 1X 841095090237
2X Navy E024466 2X NVY 470259NAVY 2X 841095090244
1X Frosty Spruce E024466 1X FSPR
2X Frosty Spruce E024466 2X FSPR
1X Taupe E024466 1X TAU
2X Taupe E024466 2X TAU
1X Dazzling Blue E024466 1X DAZB
2X Dazzling Blue E024466 2X DAZB
1X Concord Grape E024466 1X CGRP 470259CONCD1X 841095071182
2X Concord Grape E024466 2X CGRP 470259CONCD2X 841095095720
1X Dutch Blue E024466 1X DUTB
2X Dutch Blue E024466 2X DUTB
1X Dark Teal E024466 1X DTEA 470259DKTEA1X 841095051214
2X Dark Teal E024466 2X DTEA 470259DKTEA2X 841095051771
XS Charcoal E024466 XS CHR 470259CHAR XSM 840031399359
S Charcoal E024466 SM CHR 470259CHAR SML 840031399335
M Charcoal E024466 MD CHR 470259CHAR MED 840031399328
L Charcoal E024466 LG CHR 470259CHAR LRG 840031399311
XL Charcoal E024466 XL CHR 470259CHAR XLRG 840031399342
1X Charcoal E024466 1X CHR 470259CHAR 1X 840031399298
2X Charcoal E024466 2X CHR 470259CHAR 2X 840031399304
XS Italian Purple E024466 XS IPR 470259ITLPLXSM 840031317537
S Italian Purple E024466 SM IPR 470259ITLPLSML 840031317513
M Italian Purple E024466 MD IPR 470259ITLPLMED 840031317506
L Italian Purple E024466 LG IPR 470259ITLPLLRG 840031317490
XL Italian Purple E024466 XL IPR 470259ITLPLXLRG 840031317520
1X Italian Purple E024466 1X IPR 470259ITLPL1X 840031317476
2X Italian Purple E024466 2X IPR 470259ITLPL2X 840031317483
XS Olympic Blue E024466 XS OBL 470259OLMBLXSM 840031317605
S Olympic Blue E024466 SM OBL 470259OLMBLSML 840031317582
M Olympic Blue E024466 MD OBL 470259OLMBLMED 840031317575
L Olympic Blue E024466 LG OBL 470259OLMBLLRG 840031317568
XL Olympic Blue E024466 XL OBL 470259OLMBLXLRG 840031317599
1X Olympic Blue E024466 1X OBL 470259OLMBL1X 840031317544
2X Olympic Blue E024466 2X OBL 470259OLMBL2X 840031317551
XS Indigo Blue E024466 XS IBL 470259VNINDXSM 840031399427
S Indigo Blue E024466 SM IBL 470259VNINDSML 840031399403
M Indigo Blue E024466 MD IBL 470259VNINDMED 840031399397
L Indigo Blue E024466 LG IBL 470259VNINDLRG 840031399380
XL Indigo Blue E024466 XL IBL 470259VNINDXLRG 840031399410
1X Indigo Blue E024466 1X IBL 470259VNIND1X 840031399366
2X Indigo Blue E024466 2X IBL 470259VNIND2X 840031399373
1X Cool Blue E024466 1X CBL 470259COOBL1X 810083913056
1X Lavender E024466 1X LAV 470259LAV 1X 810083913117
2X Cool Blue E024466 2X CBL 470259COOBL2X 810083913063
2X Lavender E024466 2X LAV 470259LAV 2X 810083913124
L Cool Blue E024466 LG CBL 470259COOBLLRG 810083910277
L Lavender E024466 LG LAV 470259LAV LRG 810083910284
M Cool Blue E024466 MD CBL 470259COOBLMED 810083913070
M Lavender E024466 MD LAV 470259LAV MED 810083913131
XL Cool Blue E024466 XL CBL 470259COOBLXLRG 810083913094
XL Lavender E024466 XL LAV 470259LAV XLRG 810083913155
XS Cool Blue E024466 XS CBL 470259COOBLXSM 810083913100
XS Lavender E024466 XS LAV 470259LAV XSM 810083913162

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