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R.J. Classics Ladies Gulf Breech

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Product Summary:

R.J. Classics Ladies' Gulf Low-Rise Breech
The natural rise, front zip euro seat Gulf model is the pinnacle of fit and comfort. They feature premium quick dry stretch fabric, which provides amazing hand-feel, sculpt and coverage. The covered interior waistband and mesh lower leg panels provide ideal comfort. Premium Clarino™ knee patches are naturally supple and breathable while presenting the elegant look of real suede, yet it can withstand intense abrasion. R.J. details on the front closures and pocket complete the design.

Natural rise, front zip styling
Quick dry, stretch fabric
Fabric covered interior waistband for ideal comfort
Clarino™ knee patches
Mesh lower leg panel
Item Specifications: 
Fabric Content: 92% Nylon/8% Elastane
Care Instructions:
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
24S Sand E017164 24S SND B7851G-24 SH 802760386703
26S Sand E017164 26S SND B7851G-26 SH 802760386710
28S Sand E017164 28S SND B7851G-28 SH 802760386727
30S Sand E017164 30S SND B7851G-30 SH 802760386734
32S Sand E017164 32S SND B7851G-32 SH 802760386741
34S Sand E017164 34S SND B7851G-34 SH 802760386758
36S Sand E017164 36S SND B7851G-36 SH 802760394449
24R Sand E017164 24R SND B7851G-24 RE 802760386635
26R Sand E017164 26R SND B7851G-26 RE 802760386642
28R Sand E017164 28R SND B7851G-28 RE 802760386659
30R Sand E017164 30R SND B7851G-30 RE 802760386666
32R Sand E017164 32R SND B7851G-32 RE 802760386673
34R Sand E017164 34R SND B7851G-34 RE 802760386680
36R Sand E017164 36R SND B7851G-36 RE 802760386697
24L Sand E017164 24L SND B7851G-24 LG 802760386574
26L Sand E017164 26L SND B7851G-26 LG 802760386581
28L Sand E017164 28L SND B7851G-28 LG 802760386598
30L Sand E017164 30L SND B7851G-30 LG 802760386604
32L Sand E017164 32L SND B7851G-32 LG 802760386611
34L Sand E017164 34L SND B7851G-34 LG 802760386628
36L Sand E017164 36L SND B7851G-36 LG 802760396634
24S Navy E017164 24S NVY E017164 24S NVY
26S Navy E017164 26S NVY E017164 26S NVY
28S Navy E017164 28S NVY E017164 28S NVY
30S Navy E017164 30S NVY E017164 30S NVY
32S Navy E017164 32S NVY E017164 32S NVY
24R Navy E017164 24R NVY B7853GA-24 RE 802760418237
26R Navy E017164 26R NVY B7853GA-26 RE 802760418244
28R Navy E017164 28R NVY B7853GA-28 RE 802760418251
30R Navy E017164 30R NVY B7853GA-30 RE 802760418268
32R Navy E017164 32R NVY B7853GA-32 RE 802760418275
34R Navy E017164 34R NVY B7853GA-34 RE 802760418282
36R Navy E017164 36R NVY B7853GA-36 RE 802760418299
24L Navy E017164 24L NVY B7853GA-24 LG 802760424900
26L Navy E017164 26L NVY B7853GA-26 LG 802760424917
28L Navy E017164 28L NVY B7853GA-28 LG 802760418305
30L Navy E017164 30L NVY B7853GA-30 LG 802760418312
32L Navy E017164 32L NVY B7853GA-32 LG 802760424924
34L Navy E017164 34L NVY B7853GA-34 LG 802760418329
36L Navy E017164 36L NVY B7853GA-36 LG 802760424931
24R White E017164 24R WHT B7855G-24 RE 802760397501
26R White E017164 26R WHT B7855G-26 RE 802760397518
28R White E017164 28R WHT B7855G-28 RE 802760397525
30R White E017164 30R WHT B7855G-30 RE 802760397532
32R White E017164 32R WHT B7855G-32 RE 802760397549
34R White E017164 34R WHT B7855G-34 RE 802760397556
36R White E017164 36R WHT B7855G-36 RE 802760397563
24L White E017164 24L WHT B7855G-24 LG 802760397570
26L White E017164 26L WHT B7855G-26 LG 802760397587
28L White E017164 28L WHT B7855G-28 LG 802760397594
30L White E017164 30L WHT B7855G-30 LG 802760397600
32L White E017164 32L WHT B7855G-32 LG 802760397617
34L White E017164 34L WHT B7855G-34 LG 802760397624
36L White E017164 36L WHT B7855G-36 LG 802760397631
24R Black E017164 24R BLK B7857G-24 RE 802760408108
26R Black E017164 26R BLK B7857G-26 RE 802760408115
28R Black E017164 28R BLK B7857G-28 RE 802760408122
30R Black E017164 30R BLK B7857G-30 RE 802760408139
32R Black E017164 32R BLK B7857G-32 RE 802760408146
34R Black E017164 34R BLK B7857G-34 RE 802760408153
36R Black E017164 36R BLK B7857G-36 RE 802760408160
24L Black E017164 24L BLK B7857G-24 LG 802760408177
26L Black E017164 26L BLK B7857G-26 LG 802760408184
28L Black E017164 28L BLK B7857G-28 LG 802760408191
30L Black E017164 30L BLK B7857G-30 LG 802760408207
32L Black E017164 32L BLK B7857G-32 LG 802760408214
34L Black E017164 34L BLK B7857G-34 LG 802760408221
36L Black E017164 36L BLK B7857G-36 LG 802760408238
24R Graphite E017164 24R GPH B7863G-24 RE 802760429929
26R Graphite E017164 26R GPH B7863G-26 RE 802760429936
28R Graphite E017164 28R GPH B7863G-28 RE 802760429943
30R Graphite E017164 30R GPH B7863G-30 RE 802760429950
32R Graphite E017164 32R GPH B7863G-32 RE 802760429967
34R Graphite E017164 34R GPH B7863G-34 RE 802760429974
36R Graphite E017164 36R GPH B7863G-36 RE 802760429981
24L Graphite E017164 24L GPH B7863G-24 LG 802760429998
26L Graphite E017164 26L GPH B7863G-26 LG 802760430000
28L Graphite E017164 28L GPH B7863G-28 LG 802760430017
30L Graphite E017164 30L GPH B7863G-30 LG 802760430024
32L Graphite E017164 32L GPH B7863G-32 LG 802760430031
34L Graphite E017164 34L GPH B7863G-34 LG 802760450367
36L Graphite E017164 36L GPH B7863G-36 LG 802760450374
24R Deep Blue E017164 24R DBLU B7867G-24 RE 802760439089
26R Deep Blue E017164 26R DBLU B7867G-26 RE 802760439096
28R Deep Blue E017164 28R DBLU B7867G-28 RE 802760439102
30R Deep Blue E017164 30R DBLU B7867G-30 RE 802760439119
32R Deep Blue E017164 32R DBLU B7867G-32 RE 802760439126
34R Deep Blue E017164 34R DBLU B7867G-34 RE 802760439133
36R Deep Blue E017164 36R DBLU B7867G-36 RE 802760439140
24L Deep Blue E017164 24L DBLU B7867G-24 LG 802760439157
26L Deep Blue E017164 26L DBLU B7867G-26 LG 802760439164
28L Deep Blue E017164 28L DBLU B7867G-28 LG 802760439171
30L Deep Blue E017164 30L DBLU B7867G-30 LG 802760439188
32L Deep Blue E017164 32L DBLU B7867G-32 LG 802760439195
34L Deep Blue E017164 34L DBLU E017164 34L DBLU
36L Deep Blue E017164 36L DBLU E017164 36L DBLU
24R Raisin Brown E017164 24R BRN B7872G-24 RE 802760442799
26R Raisin Brown E017164 26R BRN B7872G-26 RE 802760442805
28R Raisin Brown E017164 28R BRN B7872G-28 RE 802760442812
30R Raisin Brown E017164 30R BRN B7872G-30 RE 802760442829
32R Raisin Brown E017164 32R BRN B7872G-32 RE 802760442836
34R Raisin Brown E017164 34R BRN B7872G-34 RE 802760442843
36R Raisin Brown E017164 36R BRN B7872G-36 RE 802760442850
24L Raisin Brown E017164 24L BRN B7872G-24 LG 802760442867
26L Raisin Brown E017164 26L BRN B7872G-26 LG 802760442874
28L Raisin Brown E017164 28L BRN B7872G-28 LG 802760442881
30L Raisin Brown E017164 30L BRN B7872G-30 LG 802760442898
32L Raisin Brown E017164 32L BRN B7872G-32 LG 802760442904
34L Raisin Brown E017164 34L BRN E017164 34L BRN
36L Raisin Brown E017164 36L BRN E017164 36L BRN
24R Rose Brown E017164 24R RBRN B7873G-24 RE 802760442683
26R Rose Brown E017164 26R RBRN B7873G-26 RE 802760442690
28R Rose Brown E017164 28R RBRN B7873G-28 RE 802760442706
30R Rose Brown E017164 30R RBRN B7873G-30 RE 802760442713
32R Rose Brown E017164 32R RBRN B7873G-32 RE 802760442720
34R Rose Brown E017164 34R RBRN B7873G-34 RE 802760449590
36R Rose Brown E017164 36R RBRN B7873G-36 RE 802760449606
24L Rose Brown E017164 24L RBRN B7873G-24 LG 802760442737
26L Rose Brown E017164 26L RBRN B7873G-26 LG 802760442744
28L Rose Brown E017164 28L RBRN B7873G-28 LG 802760442751
30L Rose Brown E017164 30L RBRN B7873G-30 LG 802760442768
32L Rose Brown E017164 32L RBRN B7873G-32 LG 802760442775
34L Rose Brown E017164 34L RBRN E017164 34L RBRN
36L Rose Brown E017164 36L RBRN E017164 36L RBRN
24R Mallard Green E017164 24R MGRN B7874G-24 RE 802760442553
26R Mallard Green E017164 26R MGRN B7874G-26 RE 802760442560
28R Mallard Green E017164 28R MGRN B7874G-28 RE 802760442577
30R Mallard Green E017164 30R MGRN B7874G-30 RE 802760442584
32R Mallard Green E017164 32R MGRN B7874G-32 RE 802760442591
34R Mallard Green E017164 34R MGRN B7874G-34 RE 802760442607
36R Mallard Green E017164 36R MGRN B7874G-36 RE 802760442614
24L Mallard Green E017164 24L MGRN B7874G-24 LG 802760442621
26L Mallard Green E017164 26L MGRN B7874G-26 LG 802760442638
28L Mallard Green E017164 28L MGRN B7874G-28 LG 802760442645
30L Mallard Green E017164 30L MGRN B7874G-30 LG 802760442652
32L Mallard Green E017164 32L MGRN B7874G-32 LG 802760442669
34L Mallard Green E017164 34L MGRN E017164 34L MGRN
36L Mallard Green E017164 36L MGRN E017164 36L MGRN
24R Folkstone Grey E017164 24R FGRY B7875G-24 RE 802760442423
26R Folkstone Grey E017164 26R FGRY B7875G-26 RE 802760442430
28R Folkstone Grey E017164 28R FGRY B7875G-28 RE 802760442447
30R Folkstone Grey E017164 30R FGRY B7875G-30 RE 802760442454
32R Folkstone Grey E017164 32R FGRY B7875G-32 RE 802760442461
34R Folkstone Grey E017164 34R FGRY B7875G-34 RE 802760442478
36R Folkstone Grey E017164 36R FGRY E017164 36R FGRY
24L Folkstone Grey E017164 24L FGRY B7875G-24 LG 802760442492
26L Folkstone Grey E017164 26L FGRY B7875G-26 LG 802760442508
28L Folkstone Grey E017164 28L FGRY B7875G-28 LG 802760442515
30L Folkstone Grey E017164 30L FGRY B7875G-30 LG 802760442522
32L Folkstone Grey E017164 32L FGRY B7875G-32 LG 802760442539
34L Folkstone Grey E017164 34L FGRY E017164 34L FGRY
36L Folkstone Grey E017164 36L FGRY E017164 36L FGRY
24R Shark Grey E017164 24R SKGRY B7878G 24R 802760454761
26R Shark Grey E017164 26R SKGRY B7878G 26R 802760454778
28R Shark Grey E017164 28R SKGRY B7878G 28R 802760454785
30R Shark Grey E017164 30R SKGRY B7878G 30R 802760454792
32R Shark Grey E017164 32R SKGRY B7878G 32R 802760454808
34R Shark Grey E017164 34R SKGRY B7878G 34R 802760454815
36R Shark Grey E017164 36R SKGRY
24L Shark Grey E017164 24L SKGRY
26L Shark Grey E017164 26L SKGRY
28L Shark Grey E017164 28L SKGRY
30L Shark Grey E017164 30L SKGRY
32L Shark Grey E017164 32L SKGRY
34L Shark Grey E017164 34L SKGRY
36L Shark Grey E017164 36L SKGRY
24R Pacific Blue E017164 24R PBLU B7880G 24R 802760452187
26R Pacific Blue E017164 26R PBLU B7880G 26R 802760452194
28R Pacific Blue E017164 28R PBLU B7880G 28R 802760452200
30R Pacific Blue E017164 30R PBLU B7880G 30R 802760452217
32R Pacific Blue E017164 32R PBLU B7880G 32R 802760452224
34R Pacific Blue E017164 34R PBLU B7880G 34R 802760452231
36R Pacific Blue E017164 36R PBLU
24L Pacific Blue E017164 24L PBLU
26L Pacific Blue E017164 26L PBLU
28L Pacific Blue E017164 28L PBLU
30L Pacific Blue E017164 30L PBLU
32L Pacific Blue E017164 32L PBLU
34L Pacific Blue E017164 34L PBLU
36L Pacific Blue E017164 36L PBLU

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