Romfh Isabella FS Full Grip Breech


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Product Summary:

The Romfh Isabella Full Grip Dressage Breech is truly the best of all worlds! Made of our own cooling ''Soft-Touch'' fabric - the same as our top-selling Sarafina Breech - with the same flattering cut as our super-popular Champion Full-Seat Breech. The Isabella provides the high-waist fit desired by top-level riders. Silicone print on the seat provides a secure grip in the saddle without the added bulk of a full-seat layer.

FIT: Curvy
RISE: High Rise

Color: White
Size:  24 Long
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
34L Charcoal E028274 34L CHR 470197GRYSK34L 840031397966
24L White E028274 24L WHT 470197WHT 24L 840031379566
40R Black E028274 40R BLK 470197BLK 40R 841095082294
24R Amethyst E028274 24R AMT 470197AMTHS24R 840031304520
24R Black E028274 24R BLK 470197BLK 24R 841095075555
24R Burgundy E028274 24R BUR 470197BURGU24R 841095096819
24R Dark Navy E028274 24R NVY 470197DKNVY24R 841095096925
24R Fatigue E028274 24R FAT 470197FATIG24R 840031304629
24R Grape E028274 24R GRA 470197CRUGP24R 841095065792
24R Grey E028274 24R GRY 470197MSTGY24R 841095062043
24R Harvest E028274 24R HAR 470197HARVS24R 840031304728
24R Pewter E028274 24R PEW 470197PEWTR24R 841095072509
24R Sea Green E028274 24R GRN 470197SEAGR24R 841095066188
24R White E028274 24R WHT 470197WHT 24R 841095097021
26L Amethyst E028274 26L AMT 470197AMTHS26L 840031304537
26L Black E028274 26L BLK 470197BLK 26L 841095075654
26L Burgundy E028274 26L BUR 470197BURGU26L 841095096826
26L Dark Navy E028274 26L NVY 470197DKNVY26L 841095096932
26L Fatigue E028274 26L FAT 470197FATIG26L 840031304636
26L Grape E028274 26L GRA 470197CRUGP26L 841095065808
26L Grey E028274 26L GRY 470197MSTGY26L 841095062050
26L Harvest E028274 26L HAR 470197HARVS26L 840031304735
26L Pewter E028274 26L PEW 470197PEWTR26L 841095072516
26L Sea Green E028274 26L GRN 470197SEAGR26L 841095066195
26L White E028274 26L WHT 470197WHT 26L 841095097038
26R Amethyst E028274 26R AMT 470197AMTHS26R 840031304544
26R Black E028274 26R BLK 470197BLK 26R 841095075784
26R Burgundy E028274 26R BUR 470197BURGU26R 841095096833
26R Dark Navy E028274 26R NVY 470197DKNVY26R 841095096949
26R Fatigue E028274 26R FAT 470197FATIG26R 840031304643
26R Grape E028274 26R GRA 470197CRUGP26R 841095065907
26R Grey E028274 26R GRY 470197MSTGY26R 841095062067
26R Harvest E028274 26R HAR 470197HARVS26R 840031304742
26R Pewter E028274 26R PEW 470197PEWTR26R 841095072523
26R Sea Green E028274 26R GRN 470197SEAGR26R 841095066201
26R White E028274 26R WHT 470197WHT 26R 841095097045
28L Amethyst E028274 28L AMT 470197AMTHS28L 840031304551
28L Black E028274 28L BLK 470197BLK 28L 841095075807
28L Burgundy E028274 28L BUR 470197BURGU28L 841095096840
28L Dark Navy E028274 28L NVY 470197DKNVY28L 841095096956
28L Fatigue E028274 28L FAT 470197FATIG28L 840031304650
28L Grape E028274 28L GRA 470197CRUGP28L 841095065969
28L Grey E028274 28L GRY 470197MSTGY28L 841095062074
28L Harvest E028274 28L HAR 470197HARVS28L 840031304759
28L Pewter E028274 28L PEW 470197PEWTR28L 841095072530
28L Sea Green E028274 28L GRN 470197SEAGR28L 841095066263
28L White E028274 28L WHT 470197WHT 28L 841095097052
26L Wood E028274 26L WOO 470197WOOD 26L 841095097137
28R Amethyst E028274 28R AMT 470197AMTHS28R 840031304568
28R Black E028274 28R BLK 470197BLK 28R 841095076095
28R Burgundy E028274 28R BUR 470197BURGU28R 841095096857
28R Dark Navy E028274 28R NVY 470197DKNVY28R 841095096963
28R Fatigue E028274 28R FAT 470197FATIG28R 840031304667
28R Grape E028274 28R GRA 470197CRUGP28R 841095066027
28R Grey E028274 28R GRY 470197MSTGY28R 841095062098
28R Harvest E028274 28R HAR 470197HARVS28R 840031304766
28R Pewter E028274 28R PEW 470197PEWTR28R 841095072547
28R Sea Green E028274 28R GRN 470197SEAGR28R 841095066324
28R White E028274 28R WHT 470197WHT 28R 841095097069
26R Wood E028274 26R WOO 470197WOOD 26R 841095097144
30L Amethyst E028274 30L AMT 470197AMTHS30L 840031304575
30L Black E028274 30L BLK 470197BLK 30L 841095076118
30L Burgundy E028274 30L BUR 470197BURGU30L 841095096864
30L Dark Navy E028274 30L NVY 470197DKNVY30L 841095096970
30L Fatigue E028274 30L FAT 470197FATIG30L 840031304674
30L Grape E028274 30L GRA 470197CRUGP30L 841095066089
30L Grey E028274 30L GRY 470197MSTGY30L 841095062104
30L Harvest E028274 30L HAR 470197HARVS30L 840031304773
30L Pewter E028274 30L PEW 470197PEWTR30L 841095072554
30L Sea Green E028274 30L GRN 470197SEAGR30L 841095066331
30L White E028274 30L WHT 470197WHT 30L 841095097076
28L Wood E028274 28L WOO 470197WOOD 28L 841095097151
30R Amethyst E028274 30R AMT 470197AMTHS30R 840031304582
30R Black E028274 30R BLK 470197BLK 30R 841095076491
30R Burgundy E028274 30R BUR 470197BURGU30R 841095096871
30R Dark Navy E028274 30R NVY 470197DKNVY30R 841095096987
30R Fatigue E028274 30R FAT 470197FATIG30R 840031304681
30R Grape E028274 30R GRA 470197CRUGP30R 841095066119
30R Grey E028274 30R GRY 470197MSTGY30R 841095062111
30R Harvest E028274 30R HAR 470197HARVS30R 840031304780
30R Pewter E028274 30R PEW 470197PEWTR30R 841095072561
30R Sea Green E028274 30R GRN 470197SEAGR30R 841095066348
30R White E028274 30R WHT 470197WHT 30R 841095097083
28R Wood E028274 28R WOO 470197WOOD 28R 841095097168
32R Amethyst E028274 32R AMT 470197AMTHS32R 840031304599
32R Black E028274 32R BLK 470197BLK 32R 841095076507
32R Burgundy E028274 32R BUR 470197BURGU32R 841095096888
32R Dark Navy E028274 32R NVY 470197DKNVY32R 841095096994
32R Fatigue E028274 32R FAT 470197FATIG32R 840031304698
32R Grape E028274 32R GRA 470197CRUGP32R 841095066157
32R Grey E028274 32R GRY 470197MSTGY32R 841095062128
32R Harvest E028274 32R HAR 470197HARVS32R 840031304797
32R Pewter E028274 32R PEW 470197PEWTR32R 841095072578
32R Sea Green E028274 32R GRN 470197SEAGR32R 841095066355
32R White E028274 32R WHT 470197WHT 32R 841095097090
30L Wood E028274 30L WOO 470197WOOD 30L 841095097175
34R Amethyst E028274 34R AMT 470197AMTHS34R 840031304605
34R Black E028274 34R BLK 470197BLK 34R 841095076514
34R Burgundy E028274 34R BUR 470197BURGU34R 841095096901
34R Dark Navy E028274 34R NVY 470197DKNVY34R 841095097007
34R Fatigue E028274 34R FAT 470197FATIG34R 840031304704
34R Grape E028274 34R GRA 470197CRUGP34R 841095066164
34R Grey E028274 34R GRY 470197MSTGY34R 841095062135
34R Harvest E028274 34R HAR 470197HARVS34R 840031304803
34R Pewter E028274 34R PEW 470197PEWTR34R 841095074251
34R Sea Green E028274 34R GRN 470197SEAGR34R 841095066362
34R White E028274 34R WHT 470197WHT 34R 841095097106
30R Wood E028274 30R WOO 470197WOOD 30R 841095097182
36R Amethyst E028274 36R AMT 470197AMTHS36R 840031304612
36R Black E028274 36R BLK 470197BLK 36R 841095076521
36R Burgundy E028274 36R BUR 470197BURGU36R 841095096918
36R Dark Navy E028274 36R NVY 470197DKNVY36R 841095097014
36R Fatigue E028274 36R FAT 470197FATIG36R 840031304711
36R Grape E028274 36R GRA 470197CRUGP36R 841095066171
36R Grey E028274 36R GRY 470197MSTGY36R 841095062159
36R Harvest E028274 36R HAR 470197HARVS36R 840031304810
36R Pewter E028274 36R PEW 470197PEWTR36R 841095074268
36R Sea Green E028274 36R GRN 470197SEAGR36R 841095066379
36R White E028274 36R WHT 470197WHT 36R 841095097113
32R Wood E028274 32R WOO 470197WOOD 32R 841095097199
38R Burgundy E028274 38R BUR 470197BURGU38R 840031311924
38R Dark Navy E028274 38R NVY 470197DKNVY38R 840031311962
38R Grape E028274 38R GRA 470197CRUGP38R 840031311948
38R Grey E028274 38R GRY 470197MSTGY38R 840031311986
38R Pewter E028274 38R PEW 470197PEWTR38R 840031312006
38R White E028274 38R WHT 470197WHT 38R 841095082591
34R Wood E028274 34R WOO 470197WOOD 34R
40R Burgundy E028274 40R BUR 470197BURGU40R 840031311931
40R Dark Navy E028274 40R NVY 470197DKNVY40R 840031311979
40R Grape E028274 40R GRA 470197CRUGP40R 840031311955
40R Grey E028274 40R GRY 470197MSTGY40R 840031311993
40R Pewter E028274 40R PEW 470197PEWTR40R 840031312013
40R White E028274 40R WHT 470197WHT 40R 841095082607
36R Wood E028274 36R WOO 470197WOOD 36R
24R Charcoal E028274 24R CHR 470197GRYSK24R 840031320759
26R Charcoal E028274 26R CHR 470197GRYSK26R 840031320773
26L Charcoal E028274 26L CHR 470197GRYSK26L 840031320766
28R Charcoal E028274 28R CHR 470197GRYSK28R 840031320797
28L Charcoal E028274 28L CHR 470197GRYSK28L 840031320780
30L Charcoal E028274 30L CHR 470197GRYSK30L 840031320803
30R Charcoal E028274 30R CHR 470197GRYSK30R 840031320810
34R Charcoal E028274 34R CHR 470197GRYSK34R 840031320841
32R Charcoal E028274 32R CHR 470197GRYSK32R 840031320834
36R Charcoal E028274 36R CHR 470197GRYSK36R 840031320858
22R Moonlit E028274 22R MOO 470197MNLIT22R 840300306927
24R Moonlit E028274 24R MOO 470197MNLIT24R 840300306941
24L Moonlit E028274 24L MOO 470197MNLIT24L 840300306934
26R Moonlit E028274 26R MOO 470197MNLIT26R 840300306965
26L Moonlit E028274 26L MOO 470197MNLIT26L 840300306958
28R Moonlit E028274 28R MOO 470197MNLIT28R 840300306989
28L Moonlit E028274 28L MOO 470197MNLIT28L 840300306972
30L Moonlit E028274 30L MOO 470197MNLIT30L 840300306996
30R Moonlit E028274 30R MOO 470197MNLIT30R 840300307009
34R Moonlit E028274 34R MOO 470197MNLIT34R 840300307047
32R Moonlit E028274 32R MOO 470197MNLIT32R 840300307023
32L Moonlit E028274 32L MOO 470197MNLIT32L 840300307016
34L Moonlit E028274 34L MOO 470197MNLIT34L 840300307030
36R Moonlit E028274 36R MOO 470197MNLIT36R 840300307054
38R Moonlit E028274 38R MOO 470197MNLIT38R 840300307061
40R Moonlit E028274 40R MOO 470197MNLIT40R 840300307078
42R Moonlit E028274 42R MOO 470197MNLIT42R 840300307085
44R Moonlit E028274 44R MOO 470197MNLIT44R 840300307092
22R RoyalPurple E028274 22R RYP 470197ROYPR22R 840300322279
24R RoyalPurple E028274 24R RYP 470197ROYPR24R 840300322293
24L RoyalPurple E028274 24L RYP 470197ROYPR24L 840300322286
26R RoyalPurple E028274 26R RYP 470197ROYPR26R 840300322316
26L RoyalPurple E028274 26L RYP 470197ROYPR26L 840300322309
28R RoyalPurple E028274 28R RYP 470197ROYPR28R 840300322330
28L RoyalPurple E028274 28L RYP 470197ROYPR28L 840300322323
30L RoyalPurple E028274 30L RYP 470197ROYPR30L 840300322347
30R RoyalPurple E028274 30R RYP 470197ROYPR30R 840300322354
34R RoyalPurple E028274 34R RYP 470197ROYPR34R 840300322392
32R RoyalPurple E028274 32R RYP 470197ROYPR32R 840300322378
32L RoyalPurple E028274 32L RYP 470197ROYPR32L 840300322361
34L RoyalPurple E028274 34L RYP 470197ROYPR34L 840300322385
36R RoyalPurple E028274 36R RYP 470197ROYPR36R 840300322408
38R RoyalPurple E028274 38R RYP 470197ROYPR38R 840300322415
40R RoyalPurple E028274 40R RYP 470197ROYPR40R 840300322422
42R RoyalPurple E028274 42R RYP 470197ROYPR42R 840300322439
44R RoyalPurple E028274 44R RYP 470197ROYPR44R 840300322446

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