Romfh Ladies Sarafina Euroseat

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Product Summary:

Romfh Ladies Sarafina Euroseat Breech

The Romfh® Sarafina Euroseat Breech features a flattering contoured waistband, strategically placed back yoke, and wide non-binding fit to allow your waist, hip, and other assets to look their best!


  • Classic, elegant design
  • Flattering fit
  • Mid rise
  • Contoured waistband
  • Strategically placed back yoke
  • Wide non-binding fit
  • Softtouch™ micro-PU fabric for the softest, comfortable feel
  • Made from the latest fabrics and design elements for peak athletic performance
  • Machine-washable
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
24R Azure E020533 24R AZU 468455AZURE24R 841095010723
22R Beige E020533 22R BEI 468455BEIGE22R 841095010624
22R Black E020533 22R BLK 468455BLK 22R 841095010648
22R French Roast E020533 22R FRR 468455FNRST22R 841095010662
24R Deep Orchid E020533 24R DEO 468455DORCH24R 841095010808
22R Grey Morning E020533 22R GRM 468455GYMRN22R 841095010686
22R Navy E020533 22R NVY 468455NAVY 22R 841095010884
22R Pewter E020533 22R PEW 468455PEWTR22R 841095010907
22R Sea Glass E020533 22R SEG 468455SEAGL22R 841095013687
24R Sepia E020533 24R SEP 468455SEPIA24R 841095706893
22R Spruce E020533 22R SPR 468455SPRUC22R 841095029114
22R White E020533 22R WHT 468455WHT 22R 841095010976
22R White Sand E020533 22R WHS 468455CLWSD22R 841095013632
26R Azure E020533 26R AZU 468455AZURE26R 841095010747
24R Beige E020533 24R BEI 468455BEIGE24R 841095576274
24R Black E020533 24R BLK 468455BLK 24R 841095674314
24R French Roast E020533 24R FRR 468455FNRST24R 841095630310
26R Deep Orchid E020533 26R DEO 468455DORCH26R 841095010822
24R Grey Morning E020533 24R GRM 468455GYMRN24R 841095683897
24R Navy E020533 24R NVY 468455NAVY 24R 840031351869
24R Pewter E020533 24R PEW 468455PEWTR24R 841095622216
24R Sea Glass E020533 24R SEG 468455SEAGL24R 841095010891
24L Sepia E020533 24L SEP 468455SEPIA24L 841095706886
24R Spruce E020533 24R SPR 468455SPRUC24R 841095029138
24R White E020533 24R WHT 468455WHT 24R 840031351876
24R White Sand E020533 24R WHS 468455CLWSD24R 841095011010
28R Azure E020533 28R AZU 468455AZURE28R 841095010761
24L Beige E020533 24L BEI 468455BEIGE24L 841095576243
24L Black E020533 24L BLK 468455BLK 24L 841095674307
24L French Roast E020533 24L FRR 468455FNRST24L 841095630303
28R Deep Orchid E020533 28R DEO 468455DORCH28R 841095010846
24L Grey Morning E020533 24L GRM 468455GYMRN24L 841095702567
24L Navy E020533 24L NVY 468455NAVY 24L 840031351845
24L Pewter E020533 24L PEW 468455PEWTR24L 840031357502
26R Sea Glass E020533 26R SEG 468455SEAGL26R 841095010914
26R Sepia E020533 26R SEP 468455SEPIA26R 841095706916
24L Spruce E020533 24L SPR 468455SPRUC24L 841095029121
24L White E020533 24L WHT 468455WHT 24L 840031351852
26R White Sand E020533 26R WHS 468455CLWSD26R 841095011034
30R Azure E020533 30R AZU 468455AZURE30R 841095010785
26R Beige E020533 26R BEI 468455BEIGE26R 841095576335
26R Black E020533 26R BLK 468455BLK 26R 841095674338
26R French Roast E020533 26R FRR 468455FNRST26R 841095630211
30R Deep Orchid E020533 30R DEO 468455DORCH30R 841095010860
26R Grey Morning E020533 26R GRM 468455GYMRN26R 841095683910
26R Navy E020533 26R NVY 468455NAVY 26R 840031351906
26R Pewter E020533 26R PEW 468455PEWTR26R 841095622230
26L Sea Glass E020533 26L SEG 468455SEAGL26L 841095013694
26L Sepia E020533 26L SEP 468455SEPIA26L 841095706909
26R Spruce E020533 26R SPR 468455SPRUC26R 841095029152
26R White E020533 26R WHT 468455WHT 26R 840031351913
26L White Sand E020533 26L WHS 468455CLWSD26L 841095011027
32R Azure E020533 32R AZU 468455AZURE32R 841095010792
26L Beige E020533 26L BEI 468455BEIGE26L 841095576304
26L Black E020533 26L BLK 468455BLK 26L 841095674321
26L French Roast E020533 26L FRR 468455FNRST26L 841095630204
32R Deep Orchid E020533 32R DEO 468455DORCH32R 841095010877
26L Grey Morning E020533 26L GRM 468455GYMRN26L 841095683903
26L Navy E020533 26L NVY 468455NAVY 26L 840031351883
26L Pewter E020533 26L PEW 468455PEWTR26L 841095622223
28R Sea Glass E020533 28R SEG 468455SEAGL28R 841095010969
28R Sepia E020533 28R SEP 468455SEPIA28R 841095706930
26L Spruce E020533 26L SPR 468455SPRUC26L 841095029145
26L White E020533 26L WHT 468455WHT 26L 840031351890
28R White Sand E020533 28R WHS 468455CLWSD28R 841095011058
28R Beige E020533 28R BEI 468455BEIGE28R 841095576397
28R Black E020533 28R BLK 468455BLK 28R 841095674352
28R French Roast E020533 28R FRR 468455FNRST28R 841095630235
28R Grey Morning E020533 28R GRM 468455GYMRN28R 841095683934
28R Navy E020533 28R NVY 468455NAVY 28R 840031351944
28R Pewter E020533 28R PEW 468455PEWTR28R 841095622254
28L Sea Glass E020533 28L SEG 468455SEAGL28L 841095013700
28L Sepia E020533 28L SEP 468455SEPIA28L 841095706923
28R Spruce E020533 28R SPR 468455SPRUC28R 841095029176
28R White E020533 28R WHT 468455WHT 28R 840031351951
28L White Sand E020533 28L WHS 468455CLWSD28L 841095011041
28L Beige E020533 28L BEI 468455BEIGE28L 841095576366
28L Black E020533 28L BLK 468455BLK 28L 841095674345
28L French Roast E020533 28L FRR 468455FNRST28L 841095630228
28L Grey Morning E020533 28L GRM 468455GYMRN28L 841095683927
28L Navy E020533 28L NVY 468455NAVY 28L 840031351920
28L Pewter E020533 28L PEW 468455PEWTR28L 841095622247
30R Sea Glass E020533 30R SEG 468455SEAGL30R 841095010983
30R Sepia E020533 30R SEP 468455SEPIA30R 841095706954
28L Spruce E020533 28L SPR 468455SPRUC28L 841095029169
28L White E020533 28L WHT 468455WHT 28L 841095576380
30R White Sand E020533 30R WHS 468455CLWSD30R 841095011072
30R Beige E020533 30R BEI 468455BEIGE30R 841095576458
30R Black E020533 30R BLK 468455BLK 30R 841095674376
30R French Roast E020533 30R FRR 468455FNRST30R 841095630259
30R Grey Morning E020533 30R GRM 468455GYMRN30R 841095683958
30R Navy E020533 30R NVY 468455NAVY 30R 840031351982
30R Pewter E020533 30R PEW 468455PEWTR30R 841095622278
30L Sea Glass E020533 30L SEG 468455SEAGL30L 841095013717
30L Sepia E020533 30L SEP 468455SEPIA30L 841095706947
30R Spruce E020533 30R SPR 468455SPRUC30R 841095029190
30R White E020533 30R WHT 468455WHT 30R 840031351999
30L White Sand E020533 30L WHS 468455CLWSD30L 841095011065
30L Beige E020533 30L BEI 468455BEIGE30L 841095576427
30L Black E020533 30L BLK 468455BLK 30L 841095674369
30L French Roast E020533 30L FRR 468455FNRST30L 841095630242
30L Grey Morning E020533 30L GRM 468455GYMRN30L 841095683941
30L Navy E020533 30L NVY 468455NAVY 30L 840031351968
30L Pewter E020533 30L PEW 468455PEWTR30L 841095622261
32R Sea Glass E020533 32R SEG 468455SEAGL32R 841095010990
32R Sepia E020533 32R SEP 468455SEPIA32R 841095706978
30L Spruce E020533 30L SPR 468455SPRUC30L 841095029183
30L White E020533 30L WHT 468455WHT 30L 840031351975
32R White Sand E020533 32R WHS 468455CLWSD32R 841095011089
32R Beige E020533 32R BEI 468455BEIGE32R 841095576519
32R Black E020533 32R BLK 468455BLK 32R 841095674390
32R French Roast E020533 32R FRR 468455FNRST32R 841095630273
32R Grey Morning E020533 32R GRM 468455GYMRN32R 841095683972
32R Navy E020533 32R NVY 468455NAVY 32R 840031352026
32R Pewter E020533 32R PEW 468455PEWTR32R 841095622292
34R Sea Glass E020533 34R SEG 468455SEAGL34R 841095011003
32L Sepia E020533 32L SEP 468455SEPIA32L 841095706961
32R Spruce E020533 32R SPR 468455SPRUC32R 841095029213
32R White E020533 32R WHT 468455WHT 32R 840031352033
34R White Sand E020533 34R WHS 468455CLWSD34R 841095013649
32L Beige E020533 32L BEI 468455BEIGE32L 841095576489
32L Black E020533 32L BLK 468455BLK 32L 841095674383
32L French Roast E020533 32L FRR 468455FNRST32L 841095630266
32L Grey Morning E020533 32L GRM 468455GYMRN32L 841095683965
32L Navy E020533 32L NVY 468455NAVY 32L 840031352002
32L Pewter E020533 32L PEW 468455PEWTR32L 841095622285
34R Sepia E020533 34R SEP 468455SEPIA34R 841095706992
32L Spruce E020533 32L SPR 468455SPRUC32L 841095029206
32L White E020533 32L WHT 468455WHT 32L 840031352019
34R Beige E020533 34R BEI 468455BEIGE34R 841095576571
34R Black E020533 34R BLK 468455BLK 34R 841095674413
34R French Roast E020533 34R FRR 468455FNRST34R 841095630297
34R Grey Morning E020533 34R GRM 468455GYMRN34R 841095683996
34R Navy E020533 34R NVY 468455NAVY 34R 840031352064
34R Pewter E020533 34R PEW 468455PEWTR34R 841095622315
34L Sepia E020533 34L SEP 468455SEPIA34L 841095706985
34R Spruce E020533 34R SPR 468455SPRUC34R 841095029237
34R White E020533 34R WHT 468455WHT 34R 840031352071
34L Beige E020533 34L BEI 468455BEIGE34L 841095576540
34L Black E020533 34L BLK 468455BLK 34L 841095674406
34L French Roast E020533 34L FRR 468455FNRST34L 841095630280
34L Grey Morning E020533 34L GRM 468455GYMRN34L 841095683989
34L Navy E020533 34L NVY 468455NAVY 34L 840031352040
34L Pewter E020533 34L PEW 468455PEWTR34L 841095622308
34L Spruce E020533 34L SPR 468455SPRUC34L 841095029220
34L White E020533 34L WHT 468455WHT 34L 840031352057
22R Poseidon E020533 22R POS 468455POSEI22R 841095075098
24R Poseidon E020533 24R POS 468455POSEI24R 841095075111
24L Poseidon E020533 24L POS 468455POSEI24L 841095075104
26R Poseidon E020533 26R POS 468455POSEI26R 841095075135
30R Poseidon E020533 30R POS 468455POSEI30R 841095075173
26L Poseidon E020533 26L POS 468455POSEI26L 841095075128
28R Poseidon E020533 28R POS 468455POSEI28R 841095075159
28L Poseidon E020533 28L POS 468455POSEI28L 841095075142
30L Poseidon E020533 30L POS 468455POSEI30L 841095075166
32R Poseidon E020533 32R POS 468455POSEI32R 841095075197
32L Poseidon E020533 32L POS 468455POSEI32L 841095075180
34R Poseidon E020533 34R POS 468455POSEI34R 841095075210
34L Poseidon E020533 34L POS 468455POSEI34L 841095075203
22R Azure E020533 22R AZU
24L Azure E020533 24L AZU
26L Azure E020533 26L AZU
28L Azure E020533 28L AZU
30L Azure E020533 30L AZU
32L Azure E020533 32L AZU
34R Azure E020533 34R AZU
34L Azure E020533 34L AZU
36R Azure E020533 36R AZU
38R Azure E020533 38R AZU
36R Beige E020533 36R BEI
38R Beige E020533 38R BEI
36R Black E020533 36R BLK
38R Black E020533 38R BLK
22R Deep Orchid E020533 22R DEO
24L Deep Orchid E020533 24L DEO
26L Deep Orchid E020533 26L DEO
28L Deep Orchid E020533 28L DEO
30L Deep Orchid E020533 30L DEO
32L Deep Orchid E020533 32L DEO
34R Deep Orchid E020533 34R DEO
34L Deep Orchid E020533 34L DEO
36R Deep Orchid E020533 36R DEO
38R Deep Orchid E020533 38R DEO
36R French Roast E020533 36R FRR
38R French Roast E020533 38R FRR
36R Grey Morning E020533 36R GRM
38R Grey Morning E020533 38R GRM
36R Navy E020533 36R NVY
38R Navy E020533 38R NVY
36R Pewter E020533 36R PEW 468455PEWTR36R 840031311764
38R Pewter E020533 38R PEW 468455PEWTR38R 840031311771
24L Sea Glass E020533 24L SEG
32L Sea Glass E020533 32L SEG
34L Sea Glass E020533 34L SEG
36R Sea Glass E020533 36R SEG
38R Sea Glass E020533 38R SEG
22R Sepia E020533 22R SEP
36R Sepia E020533 36R SEP
38R Sepia E020533 38R SEP
36R Spruce E020533 36R SPR
38R Spruce E020533 38R SPR
24L White Sand E020533 24L WHS 468455CLWSD24L 841095091241
32L White Sand E020533 32L WHS 468455CLWSD32L 841095091258
34L White Sand E020533 34L WHS 468455CLWSD34L 841095091265
36R White Sand E020533 36R WHS 468455CLWSD36R 840031311702
38R White Sand E020533 38R WHS 468455CLWSD38R 840031311719
36R White E020533 36R WHT 468455WHT 36R 841095088968
38R White E020533 38R WHT
36R Poseidon E020533 36R POS
38R Poseidon E020533 38R POS
22R Mist Grey E020533 22R MGR 468455MSTGY22R 841095074930
24R Mist Grey E020533 24R MGR 468455MSTGY24R 841095074961
24L Mist Grey E020533 24L MGR 468455MSTGY24L 841095074947
26R Mist Grey E020533 26R MGR 468455MSTGY26R 841095074992
30R Mist Grey E020533 30R MGR 468455MSTGY30R 841095075043
26L Mist Grey E020533 26L MGR 468455MSTGY26L 841095074985
28R Mist Grey E020533 28R MGR 468455MSTGY28R 841095075029
28L Mist Grey E020533 28L MGR 468455MSTGY28L 841095075012
30L Mist Grey E020533 30L MGR 468455MSTGY30L 841095075036
32R Mist Grey E020533 32R MGR 468455MSTGY32R 841095075067
32L Mist Grey E020533 32L MGR 468455MSTGY32L 841095075050
34R Mist Grey E020533 34R MGR 468455MSTGY34R 841095075081
34L Mist Grey E020533 34L MGR 468455MSTGY34L 841095075074
36R Mist Grey E020533 36R MGR 468455MSTGY36R 840031311733
38R Mist Grey E020533 38R MGR 468455MSTGY38R 840031311740
40R Azure E020533 40R AZU
40R Beige E020533 40R BEI
40R Black E020533 40R BLK
40R Deep Orchid E020533 40R DEO
40R French Roast E020533 40R FRR
40R Grey Morning E020533 40R GRM
40R Navy E020533 40R NVY
40R Pewter E020533 40R PEW 468455PEWTR40R 840031311788
40R Sea Glass E020533 40R SEG
40R Sepia E020533 40R SEP
40R Spruce E020533 40R SPR
40R White Sand E020533 40R WHS 468455CLWSD40R 840031311726
40R White E020533 40R WHT
40R Poseidon E020533 40R POS
40R Mist Grey E020533 40R MGR 468455MSTGY40R 840031311757
22R Sand E020533 22R SND 468455WHTSD22R 841095052686
24R Sand E020533 24R SND 468455WHTSD24R 841095052693
24L Sand E020533 24L SND
26R Sand E020533 26R SND 468455WHTSD26R 841095052754
30R Sand E020533 30R SND 468455WHTSD30R 841095052822
26L Sand E020533 26L SND 468455WHTSD26L 841095052709
28R Sand E020533 28R SND 468455WHTSD28R 841095052778
28L Sand E020533 28L SND 468455WHTSD28L 841095052761
30L Sand E020533 30L SND 468455WHTSD30L 841095052785
32R Sand E020533 32R SND 468455WHTSD32R 841095052839
32L Sand E020533 32L SND
34R Sand E020533 34R SND 468455WHTSD34R 841095052846
34L Sand E020533 34L SND
36R Sand E020533 36R SND 468455WHTSD36R 841095051665
38R Sand E020533 38R SND 468455WHTSD38R 841095051672
40R Sand E020533 40R SND 468455WHTSD40R 841095052044

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