Roper Mens Monterey Sq Toe Boots

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Product Summary:

Roper Mens Monterey Square Toe Boots

·           Brown Burnished Vamp With Navy

·           Leather Shaft

·          Flexible TPR Bottom

·          Moisture Wicking Linings

·          Removable Molded Insole 

·           Western Stitch Design On Shaft

·          12" Inch Shaft

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
7 D Navy E035953 7D NVY 0902009042409BR7D 805303102402
7 D Tan E035953 7D TAN 0902009042753TA7D 196070001556
7 D Turquoise E035953 7D TUR 0902009040892TA7D 805303102143
7.5 D Navy E035953 75D NVY 0902009042409BR75D 805303102426
7.5 D Tan E035953 75D TAN 0902009042753TA75D 196070001570
7.5 D Turquoise E035953 75D TUR 0902009040892TA75D 805303102167
8 D Navy E035953 8D NVY 0902009042409BR8D 805303102440
8 D Tan E035953 8D TAN 0902009042753TA8D 196070001594
8 D Turquoise E035953 8D TUR 0902009040892TA8D 805303102181
8.5 D Navy E035953 85D NVY 0902009042409BR85D 805303102464
8.5 D Tan E035953 85D TAN 0902009042753TA85D 196070001617
8.5 D Turquoise E035953 85D TUR 0902009040892TA85D 805303102204
9 D Navy E035953 9D NVY 0902009042409BR9D 805303102488
9 D Tan E035953 9D TAN 0902009042753TA9D 196070001631
9 D Turquoise E035953 9D TUR 0902009040892TA9D 805303102228
9.5 D Navy E035953 95D NVY 0902009042409BR95D 805303102501
9.5 D Tan E035953 95D TAN 0902009042753TA95D 196070001655
9.5 D Turquoise E035953 95D TUR 0902009040892TA95D 805303102242
10 D Navy E035953 10D NVY 0902009042409BR10D 805303102266
10 D Tan E035953 10D TAN 0902009042753TA10D 196070001396
10 D Turquoise E035953 10D TUR 0902009040892TA10D 805303102006
10.5D Navy E035953 105D NVY 0902009042409BR105D 805303102280
10.5D Tan E035953 105D TAN 0902009042753TA105D 196070001419
10.5D Turquoise E035953 105D TUR 0902009040892TA105D 805303102020
11 D Navy E035953 11D NVY 0902009042409BR11D 805303102303
11 D Tan E035953 11D TAN 0902009042753TA11D 196070001433
11 D Turquoise E035953 11D TUR 0902009040892TA11D 805303102044
11.5D Navy E035953 115D NVY 0902009042409BR115D 805303102327
11.5D Tan E035953 115D TAN 0902009042753TA115D 196070001457
11.5D Turquoise E035953 115D TUR 0902009040892TA115D 805303102068
12 D Navy E035953 12D NVY 0902009042409BR12D 805303102341
12 D Tan E035953 12D TAN 0902009042753TA12D 196070001471
12 D Turquoise E035953 12D TUR 0902009040892TA12D 805303102082
13 D Navy E035953 13D NVY 0902009042409BR13D 805303102365
13 D Tan E035953 13D TAN 0902009042753TA13D 196070001495
13 D Turquoise E035953 13D TUR 0902009040892TA13D 805303102105
14 D Navy E035953 14D NVY 0902009042409BR14D 805303102389
14 D Tan E035953 14D TAN 0902009042753TA14D 196070001518
14 D Turquoise E035953 14D TUR 0902009040892TA14D 805303102129
7 EE Navy E035953 7EE NVY 0902009042409BR7EE 805303102419
7 EE Tan E035953 7EE TAN 0902009042753TA7EE 196070001563
7 EE Turquoise E035953 7EE TUR 0902009040892TA7EE 805303102150
7.5 EE Navy E035953 75EE NVY 0902009042409BR75EE 805303102433
7.5 EE Tan E035953 75EE TAN 0902009042753TA75EE 196070001587
7.5 EE Turquoise E035953 75EE TUR 0902009040892TA75EE 805303102174
8 EE Navy E035953 8EE NVY 0902009042409BR8EE 805303102457
8 EE Tan E035953 8EE TAN 0902009042753TA8EE 196070001600
8 EE Turquoise E035953 8EE TUR 0902009040892TA8EE 805303102198
8.5 EE Navy E035953 85EE NVY 0902009042409BR85EE 805303102471
8.5 EE Tan E035953 85EE TAN 0902009042753TA85EE 196070001624
8.5 EE Turquoise E035953 85EE TUR 0902009040892TA85EE 805303102211
9 EE Navy E035953 9EE NVY 0902009042409BR9EE 805303102495
9 EE Tan E035953 9EE TAN 0902009042753TA9EE 196070001648
9 EE Turquoise E035953 9EE TUR 0902009040892TA9EE 805303102235
9.5 EE Navy E035953 95EE NVY 0902009042409BR95EE 805303102518
9.5 EE Tan E035953 95EE TAN 0902009042753TA95EE 196070001662
9.5 EE Turquoise E035953 95EE TUR 0902009040892TA95EE 805303102259
10 EE Navy E035953 10EE NVY 0902009042409BR10EE 805303102273
10 EE Tan E035953 10EE TAN 0902009042753TA10EE 196070001402
10 EE Turquoise E035953 10EE TUR 0902009040892TA10EE 805303102013
10.5EE Navy E035953 105EE NVY 0902009042409BR105EE 805303102297
10.5EE Tan E035953 105EE TAN 0902009042753TA105EE 196070001426
10.5EE Turquoise E035953 105EE TUR 0902009040892TA105EE 805303102037
11 EE Navy E035953 11EE NVY 0902009042409BR11EE 805303102310
11 EE Tan E035953 11EE TAN 0902009042753TA11EE 196070001440
11 EE Turquoise E035953 11EE TUR 0902009040892TA11EE 805303102051
11.5EE Navy E035953 115EE NVY 0902009042409BR115EE 805303102334
11.5EE Tan E035953 115EE TAN 0902009042753TA115EE 196070001464
11.5EE Turquoise E035953 115EE TUR 0902009040892TA115EE 805303102075
12 EE Navy E035953 12EE NVY 0902009042409BR12EE 805303102358
12 EE Tan E035953 12EE TAN 0902009042753TA12EE 196070001488
12 EE Turquoise E035953 12EE TUR 0902009040892TA12EE 805303102099
13 EE Navy E035953 13EE NVY 0902009042409BR13EE 805303102372
13 EE Tan E035953 13EE TAN 0902009042753TA13EE 196070001501
13 EE Turquoise E035953 13EE TUR 0902009040892TA13EE 805303102112
14 EE Navy E035953 14EE NVY 0902009042409BR14EE 805303102396
14 EE Tan E035953 14EE TAN 0902009042753TA14EE 196070001525
14 EE Turquoise E035953 14EE TUR 0902009040892TA14EE 805303102136

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Sometimes, manufacturers require that products be advertised only at their suggested prices. When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart. To see the price, click Add to Cart.
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