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TuffRider Ribb Knee Patch Breeches

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Sometimes, manufacturers require that products be advertised only at their suggested prices. When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart. To see the price, click Add to Cart.

Product Summary:

TuffRider® Ladies' Ribb Knee Patch Breeches

These ever-popular high compression ribbed fabric breeches offer reassurance and durability due to the textured fabric that’s perfect for schooling. They also put an end to wearisome bunches with the UltraGripp knee patches to provide further comfort. The modern CS2 bottoms make slipping your boots on extra easy.


  • Front zip
  • CS2 bottoms
  • Hook and eye closure
  • UltraGripp knee patches with logo
  • Belt loops
  • Slash zipper pocket
  • Available in Regular and Long lengths
Item Specifications:

92% Polyester, 8% Spandex

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
24L Black E003553 24L BLK 10014-33/16/24 845654009500
24L Chocolate E003553 24L CHO 10014-33/21/24 845654009647
24L Charcoal E003553 24L CHR 10014-33/107/24 845654009296
24L Gray E003553 24L GRY 10014-33/45/24
24L Light Tan E003553 24L LTN 10014-33/17/24 845654009579
24L Navy E003553 24L NVY 10014-33/15/24 845654009432
24L Smoke E003553 24L SMK 10014-33/13/24 845654009364
24L Taupe E003553 24L TAU 10014-33/100/24 845654009227
24L White E003553 24L WHT 10014-33/01/24 845654009081
24R Black E003553 24R BLK 10013-33/16/24 845654008633
24R Chocolate E003553 24R CHO 10013-33/21/24 845654008770
24R Charcoal E003553 24R CHR 10013-33/107/24 845654008428
24R Gray E003553 24R GRY 10013-33/45/24
24R Light Tan E003553 24R LTN 10013-33/17/24 845654008701
24R Navy E003553 24R NVY 10013-33/15/24 845654008565
24R Smoke E003553 24R SMK 10013-33/13/24 845654008497
24R Taupe E003553 24R TAU 10013-33/100/24 845654008350
24R White E003553 24R WHT 10013-33/01/24 845654008213
26L Black E003553 26L BLK 10014-33/16/26 845654009517
26L Chocolate E003553 26L CHO 10014-33/21/26 845654009654
26L Charcoal E003553 26L CHR 10014-33/107/26 845654009302
26L Gray E003553 26L GRY 10014-33/45/26
26L Light Tan E003553 26L LTN 10014-33/17/26 845654009586
26L Navy E003553 26L NVY 10014-33/15/26 845654009449
26L Smoke E003553 26L SMK 10014-33/13/26 845654009371
26L Taupe E003553 26L TAU 10014-33/100/26 845654009234
26L White E003553 26L WHT 10014-33/01/26 845654009098
26R Black E003553 26R BLK 10013-33/16/26 845654008640
26R Chocolate E003553 26R CHO 10013-33/21/26 845654008787
26R Charcoal E003553 26R CHR 10013-33/107/26 845654008435
26R Gray E003553 26R GRY 10013-33/45/26
26R Light Tan E003553 26R LTN 10013-33/17/26 845654008718
26R Navy E003553 26R NVY 10013-33/15/26 845654008572
26R Smoke E003553 26R SMK 10013-33/13/26 845654008503
26R Taupe E003553 26R TAU 10013-33/100/26 845654008367
26R White E003553 26R WHT 10013-33/01/26 845654008220
28L Black E003553 28L BLK 10014-33/16/28 845654009524
28L Chocolate E003553 28L CHO 10014-33/21/28 845654009661
28L Charcoal E003553 28L CHR 10014-33/107/28 845654009319
28L Gray E003553 28L GRY 10014-33/45/28
28L Light Tan E003553 28L LTN 10014-33/17/28 845654009593
28L Navy E003553 28L NVY 10014-33/15/28 845654009456
28L Smoke E003553 28L SMK 10014-33/13/28 845654009388
28L Taupe E003553 28L TAU 10014-33/100/28 845654009241
28L White E003553 28L WHT 10014-33/01/28 845654009104
28R Black E003553 28R BLK 10013-33/16/28 845654008657
28R Chocolate E003553 28R CHO 10013-33/21/28 845654008794
28R Charcoal E003553 28R CHR 10013-33/107/28 845654008442
28R Gray E003553 28R GRY 10013-33/45/28
28R Light Tan E003553 28R LTN 10013-33/17/28 845654008725
28R Navy E003553 28R NVY 10013-33/15/28 845654008589
28R Smoke E003553 28R SMK 10013-33/13/28 845654008510
28R Taupe E003553 28R TAU 10013-33/100/28 845654008374
28R White E003553 28R WHT 10013-33/01/28 845654008237
30L Black E003553 30L BLK 10014-33/16/30 845654009531
30L Chocolate E003553 30L CHO 10014-33/21/30 845654009678
30L Charcoal E003553 30L CHR 10014-33/107/30 845654009326
30L Gray E003553 30L GRY 10014-33/45/30
30L Light Tan E003553 30L LTN 10014-33/17/30 845654009609
30L Navy E003553 30L NVY 10014-33/15/30 845654009463
30L Smoke E003553 30L SMK 10014-33/13/30 845654009395
30L Taupe E003553 30L TAU 10014-33/100/30 845654009258
30L White E003553 30L WHT 10014-33/01/30 845654009111
30R Black E003553 30R BLK 10013-33/16/30 845654008664
30R Chocolate E003553 30R CHO 10013-33/21/30 845654008800
30R Charcoal E003553 30R CHR 10013-33/107/30 845654008459
30R Gray E003553 30R GRY 10013-33/45/30
30R Light Tan E003553 30R LTN 10013-33/17/30 845654008732
30R Navy E003553 30R NVY 10013-33/15/30 845654008596
30R Smoke E003553 30R SMK 10013-33/13/30 845654008527
30R Taupe E003553 30R TAU 10013-33/100/30 845654008381
30R White E003553 30R WHT 10013-33/01/30 845654008244
32L Black E003553 32L BLK 10014-33/16/32 845654009548
32L Chocolate E003553 32L CHO 10014-33/21/32 845654009685
32L Charcoal E003553 32L CHR 10014-33/107/32 845654009333
32L Gray E003553 32L GRY 10014-33/45/32
32L Light Tan E003553 32L LTN 10014-33/17/32 845654009616
32L Navy E003553 32L NVY 10014-33/15/32 845654009470
32L Smoke E003553 32L SMK 10014-33/13/32 845654009401
32L Taupe E003553 32L TAU 10014-33/100/32 845654009265
32L White E003553 32L WHT 10014-33/01/32 845654009128
32R Black E003553 32R BLK 10013-33/16/32 845654008671
32R Chocolate E003553 32R CHO 10013-33/21/32 845654008817
32R Charcoal E003553 32R CHR 10013-33/107/32 845654008466
32R Gray E003553 32R GRY 10013-33/45/32
32R Light Tan E003553 32R LTN 10013-33/17/32 845654008749
32R Navy E003553 32R NVY 10013-33/15/32 845654008602
32R Smoke E003553 32R SMK 10013-33/13/32 845654008534
32R Taupe E003553 32R TAU 10013-33/100/32 845654008398
32R White E003553 32R WHT 10013-33/01/32 845654008251
34L Black E003553 34L BLK 10014-33/16/34 845654009555
34L Chocolate E003553 34L CHO 10014-33/21/34 845654009692
34L Charcoal E003553 34L CHR 10014-33/107/34 845654009340
34L Gray E003553 34L GRY 10014-33/45/34
34L Light Tan E003553 34L LTN 10014-33/17/34 845654009623
34L Navy E003553 34L NVY 10014-33/15/34 845654009487
34L Smoke E003553 34L SMK 10014-33/13/34 845654009418
34L Taupe E003553 34L TAU 10014-33/100/34 845654009272
34L White E003553 34L WHT 10014-33/01/34 845654009135
34R Black E003553 34R BLK 10013-33/16/34 845654008688
34R Chocolate E003553 34R CHO 10013-33/21/34 845654008824
34R Charcoal E003553 34R CHR 10013-33/107/34 845654008473
34R Gray E003553 34R GRY 10013-33/45/34
34R Light Tan E003553 34R LTN 10013-33/17/34 845654008756
34R Navy E003553 34R NVY 10013-33/15/34 845654008619
34R Smoke E003553 34R SMK 10013-33/13/34 845654008541
34R Taupe E003553 34R TAU 10013-33/100/34 845654008404
34R White E003553 34R WHT 10013-33/01/34 845654008268
36L Black E003553 36L BLK 10014-33/16/36 845654009562
36L Chocolate E003553 36L CHO 10014-33/21/36 845654009708
36L Charcoal E003553 36L CHR 10014-33/107/36 845654009357
36L Gray E003553 36L GRY 10014-33/45/36
36L Light Tan E003553 36L LTN 10014-33/17/36 845654009630
36L Navy E003553 36L NVY 10014-33/15/36 845654009494
36L Smoke E003553 36L SMK 10014-33/13/36 845654009425
36L Taupe E003553 36L TAU 10014-33/100/36 845654009289
36L White E003553 36L WHT 10014-33/01/36 845654009142
36R Black E003553 36R BLK 10013-33/16/36 845654008695
36R Chocolate E003553 36R CHO 10013-33/21/36 845654008831
36R Charcoal E003553 36R CHR 10013-33/107/36 845654008480
36R Gray E003553 36R GRY 10013-33/45/36
36R Light Tan E003553 36R LTN 10013-33/17/36 845654008763
36R Navy E003553 36R NVY 10013-33/15/36 845654008626
36R Smoke E003553 36R SMK 10013-33/13/36 845654008558
36R Taupe E003553 36R TAU 10013-33/100/36 845654008411
36R White E003553 36R WHT 10013-33/01/36 845654008275

Product Reviews by Customers

4.3 / 5.0
22 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
5.0 / 5
5 / 5
Great breeches!
I got them for my daughter and she loves them! Great fit, comfortable and well made! Great breeches at a great price!
July 25, 2018
over 2 years ago
Fit great, very comfortable.
July 22, 2018
3 months ago
The size chart was off by a mile.
What should have been too tight in the hips (closest size) instead I could grab handfuls of fabric at the hips. Could not even guess what size might work.Had sizing problems with breast collars too.Ordered 2 different collars, both horse size.One would fit a Shetland and the other, a draft!Can't trust this company with the sizing and I'm tired of paying for shipping just to try something on.
December 3, 2016
Not what I expected
I got these in 24r white and they seemed so pretty then I tried them on and they were see through. I didn't want to go through returning them so when I wear them I wear a long white t-shirt and tuck it in and a long shirt over and they're fine, they fit perfectly.
September 24, 2016
These breeches are the most comfortable pair of breeches I have ever owned. They also come in so many different sizes. I am a 24L and can never get breeches that fit just right, but these are perfect. They are so comfortable to both walk and ride in.
September 5, 2016
Great breeches!
I got these breeches because of the good reviews, and my daughter loves them! Great style and fit, comfortable, not too hot for summer, but will be really good for winter too. Definitely recommend!!
August 31, 2016
Show Breeches
For me, I love them, especially when it's hot these breeches keep me cool & they look great on.
December 21, 2015
Very comfortable
This fits perfectly and is very comfortable. It's not extremely thick, I've only worn it in the summer yet, I will probably wear it in the fall, but I don't think this will keep me warm in the winter. Overall it's excellent, especially for its price.
July 31, 2015
Love it
Best breeches I've ever bought! Comfy and fit perfectly!
May 5, 2015
Great gift.
My sister loves these riding pants. They look great on her and the pants are not manufactured cheaply. Great deal! I highly recommend this product.
January 3, 2015
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Why did you choose this? Store
I have a pair they are comfortable and durable
Kathy E on Dec 10, 2017
Color, size price
Charlene B on May 5, 2014
I have a pair they are comfortable and durable
Kathy E on Dec 10, 2017
i have had this in the past and loved them
Jessica C on Apr 24, 2015
Color, size price
Charlene B on May 5, 2014
I ordered one pair and was very impressed with the quality of these pants so back to order more.
Reba R on Feb 28, 2014
i have had this in the past and loved them
Jessica C on Apr 24, 2015
I ordered one pair and was very impressed with the quality of these pants so back to order more.
Reba R on Feb 28, 2014
will the pocket carry a cell phone securely?
Joan S on Aug 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The pocket is 5" deep and 4" wide. It is pretty low so if you put a phone in it your leg wouldn't bend at the hip. I manage to get a Chapstick and a 2"x2" timer in it. Hope this helps.
are they pull on or do they have a zipper?
A shopper on May 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The ones I purchased have a zipper, look great and have been easy to care for and hold their shape.
Is the bottom Velcro close or sock bottom?
A shopper on May 27, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I have bought several different Ribb Tuff Riders, and they all have Velcro closures.
With a maximum inseam of 27", these seem like they would be classified as capris. is that what is intended?
Caitriona F on Apr 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The Tuff Rider Ribb Low Rise Knee Patch Breeches is designed with a low rise fit that sits 1 ½” inches lower than regular rise breeches.