Ariat Mens Rebar M4 Edge Jeans

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Product Summary:

Ariat Men's Rebar M4 Low Rise DuraStretch Edge Boot Cut Jeans
Rebar jeans are built to last. They're reinforced for twice the durability with just the right amount of stretch for a flexible, comfortable fit. 
  • •Relaxed through waist and hip, loose through thigh
  • •Low rise
  • •Boot cut
  • •11.75 oz ToughMax™ denim is 2X more durable and features DuraStretch for maximum flex
  • •Medium wash with look of sanding and tacking
  • •Fashion back pocket with stitch detail
  • •Integrated knife pocket
  • •67% cotton, 32% poly, 1% spandex
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Style Item Number Model Number UPC
31x34 Blue Carbine E033926 3134 BLC 10016221/31x34 884849916759
34x30 Blue Carbine E033926 3430 BLC 10016221/34x30 884849916575
36x38 Blue Carbine E033926 3638 BLC 10016221/36x38 884849916964
28x32 Blue Bodie E033926 2832 BLB 10016220/28x32 884849916179
36x30 Blue Bodie E033926 3630 BLB 10016220/36x30 884849916148
31x32 Blue Bodie E033926 3132 BLB 10016220/31x32 884849916209
40x36 Blue Bodie E033926 4036 BLB 10016220/40x36 889359560539
31x36 Blue Carbine E033926 3136 BLC 10016221/31x36 884849916841
34x32 Blue Carbine E033926 3432 BLC 10016221/34x32 884849916674
38x30 Blue Carbine E033926 3830 BLC 10016221/38x30 884849916599
28x34 Blue Bodie E033926 2834 BLB 10016220/28x34 884849916285
36x32 Blue Bodie E033926 3632 BLB 10016220/36x32 884849916254
31x34 Blue Bodie E033926 3134 BLB 10016220/31x34 884849916315
42x30 Blue Bodie E033926 4230 BLB 10016220/42x30 889359560478
34x30 Blue Bodie E033926 3430 BLB 10016220/34x30 884849916131
29x30 Blue Bodie E033926 2930 BLB 10016220/29x30 889359560461
36x34 Blue Bodie E033926 3634 BLB 10016220/36x34 884849916360
31x36 Blue Bodie E033926 3136 BLB 10016220/31x36 884849916407
42x32 Blue Bodie E033926 4232 BLB 10016220/42x32 889359560492
46x34 Blue Bodie E033926 4634 BLB 10016220/46x34 192904672138
29x30 Blue Carbine E033926 2930 BLC 10016221/29x30 889359520076
29x32 Blue Bodie E033926 2932 BLB 10016220/29x32 884849916186
38x38 Blue Carbine E033926 3838 BLC 10016221/38x38 884849916971
31x38 Blue Bodie E033926 3138 BLB 10016220/31x38 884849916483
36x36 Blue Bodie E033926 3636 BLB 10016220/36x36 884849916452
38x34 Blue Carbine E033926 3834 BLC 10016221/38x34 884849916810
33x30 Blue Bodie E033926 3330 BLB 10016220/33x30 884849916124
42x34 Blue Bodie E033926 4234 BLB 10016220/42x34 889359560515
48x30 Blue Bodie E033926 4830 BLB 10016220/48x30 192904672084
29x32 Blue Carbine E033926 2932 BLC 10016221/29x32 884849916629
29x34 Blue Bodie E033926 2934 BLB 10016220/29x34 884849916292
34x32 Blue Bodie E033926 3432 BLB 10016220/34x32 884849916230
32x30 Blue Bodie E033926 3230 BLB 10016220/32x30 884849916117
36x38 Blue Bodie E033926 3638 BLB 10016220/36x38 884849916520
33x32 Blue Bodie E033926 3332 BLB 10016220/33x32 884849916223
42x36 Blue Bodie E033926 4236 BLB 10016220/42x36 889359560546
48x32 Blue Bodie E033926 4832 BLB 10016220/48x32 192904672114
29x34 Blue Carbine E033926 2934 BLC 10016221/29x34 884849916735
30x30 Blue Bodie E033926 3030 BLB 10016220/30x30 884849916100
34x34 Blue Bodie E033926 3434 BLB 10016220/34x34 884849916346
32x32 Blue Bodie E033926 3232 BLB 10016220/32x32 884849916216
38x30 Blue Bodie E033926 3830 BLB 10016220/38x30 884849916155
33x34 Blue Bodie E033926 3334 BLB 10016220/33x34 884849916339
42x38 Blue Bodie E033926 4238 BLB 10016220/42x38 889359560560
48x34 Blue Bodie E033926 4834 BLB 10016220/48x34 192904672145
30x30 Blue Carbine E033926 3030 BLC 10016221/30x30 884849916544
30x32 Blue Bodie E033926 3032 BLB 10016220/30x32 884849916193
32x34 Blue Bodie E033926 3234 BLB 10016220/32x34 884849916322
34x36 Blue Bodie E033926 3436 BLB 10016220/34x36 884849916438
38x32 Blue Bodie E033926 3832 BLB 10016220/38x32 884849916261
44x30 Blue Bodie E033926 4430 BLB 10016220/44x30 889359560485
30x34 Blue Bodie E033926 3034 BLB 10016220/30x34 884849916308
50x30 Blue Bodie E033926 5030 BLB 10016220/50x30 192904672091
30x32 Blue Carbine E033926 3032 BLC 10016221/30x32 884849916636
32x36 Blue Bodie E033926 3236 BLB 10016220/32x36 884849916414
40x32 Blue Carbine E033926 4032 BLC 10016221/40x32 884849916711
40x34 Blue Carbine E033926 4034 BLC 10016221/40x34 884849916827
33x36 Blue Bodie E033926 3336 BLB 10016220/33x36 884849916421
40x30 Blue Carbine E033926 4030 BLC 10016221/40x30 884849916605
38x34 Blue Bodie E033926 3834 BLB 10016220/38x34 884849916377
38x36 Blue Carbine E033926 3836 BLC 10016221/38x36 884849916902
44x32 Blue Bodie E033926 4432 BLB 10016220/44x32 889359560508
30x36 Blue Bodie E033926 3036 BLB 10016220/30x36 884849916391
50x32 Blue Bodie E033926 5032 BLB 10016220/50x32 192904672121
33x38 Blue Bodie E033926 3338 BLB 10016220/33x38 884849916506
34x38 Blue Bodie E033926 3438 BLB 10016220/34x38 884849916513
28x30 Blue Bodie E033926 2830 BLB 10016220/28x30 889359560454
38x36 Blue Bodie E033926 3836 BLB 10016220/38x36 884849916469
30x38 Blue Bodie E033926 3038 BLB 10016220/30x38 884849916476
44x34 Blue Bodie E033926 4434 BLB 10016220/44x34 889359560522
32x38 Blue Bodie E033926 3238 BLB 10016220/32x38 884849916490
50x34 Blue Bodie E033926 5034 BLB 10016220/50x34 192904672152
30x34 Blue Carbine E033926 3034 BLC 10016221/30x34 884849916742
40x36 Blue Carbine E033926 4036 BLC 10016221/40x36 889359520144
35x30 Blue Bodie E033926 3530 BLB 10016220/35x30 889359918828
42x32 Blue Carbine E033926 4232 BLC 10016221/42x32 889359520106
38x38 Blue Bodie E033926 3838 BLB 10016220/38x38 884849916537
42x36 Blue Carbine E033926 4236 BLC 10016221/42x36 889359520151
44x30 Blue Carbine E033926 4430 BLC 10016221/44x30 889359520090
44x36 Blue Bodie E033926 4436 BLB 10016220/44x36 889359560553
28x30 Blue Carbine E033926 2830 BLC 10016221/28x30 889359520069
44x34 Blue Carbine E033926 4434 BLC 10016221/44x34 889359520137
30x36 Blue Carbine E033926 3036 BLC 10016221/30x36 884849916834
42x30 Blue Carbine E033926 4230 BLC 10016221/42x30 889359520083
35x32 Blue Bodie E033926 3532 BLB 10016220/35x32 884849916247
42x34 Blue Carbine E033926 4234 BLC 10016221/42x34 889359520120
40x30 Blue Bodie E033926 4030 BLB 10016220/40x30 884849916162
42x38 Blue Carbine E033926 4238 BLC 10016221/42x38 889359520168
33x30 Blue Carbine E033926 3330 BLC 10016221/33x30 884849916568
35x36 Blue Carbine E033926 3536 BLC 10016221/35x36 884849916889
44x32 Blue Carbine E033926 4432 BLC 10016221/44x32 889359520113
44x38 Blue Bodie E033926 4438 BLB 10016220/44x38 889359560577
31x38 Blue Carbine E033926 3138 BLC 10016221/31x38 884849916926
34x34 Blue Carbine E033926 3434 BLC 10016221/34x34 884849916780
38x32 Blue Carbine E033926 3832 BLC 10016221/38x32 884849916704
44x36 Blue Carbine E033926 4436 BLC 10016221/44x36 889359520182
32x32 Blue Carbine E033926 3232 BLC 10016221/32x32 884849916650
34x38 Blue Carbine E033926 3438 BLC 10016221/34x38 884849916957
35x34 Blue Bodie E033926 3534 BLB 10016220/35x34 884849916353
44x38 Blue Carbine E033926 4438 BLC 10016221/44x38 889359520175
32x36 Blue Carbine E033926 3236 BLC 10016221/32x36 884849916858
35x32 Blue Carbine E033926 3532 BLC 10016221/35x32 884849916681
40x32 Blue Bodie E033926 4032 BLB 10016220/40x32 884849916278
46x32 Blue Carbine E033926 4632 BLC 10016221/46x32 192904671742
33x32 Blue Carbine E033926 3332 BLC 10016221/33x32 884849916667
36x30 Blue Carbine E033926 3630 BLC 10016221/36x30 884849916582
46x30 Blue Bodie E033926 4630 BLB 10016220/46x30 192904672077
48x30 Blue Carbine E033926 4830 BLC 10016221/48x30 192904671728
28x32 Blue Carbine E033926 2832 BLC 10016221/28x32 884849916612
33x34 Blue Carbine E033926 3334 BLC 10016221/33x34 884849916773
36x34 Blue Carbine E033926 3634 BLC 10016221/36x34 884849916803
48x34 Blue Carbine E033926 4834 BLC 10016221/48x34 192904671780
30x38 Blue Carbine E033926 3038 BLC 10016221/30x38 884849916919
32x30 Blue Carbine E033926 3230 BLC 10016221/32x30 884849916551
34x36 Blue Carbine E033926 3436 BLC 10016221/34x36 884849916872
50x32 Blue Carbine E033926 5032 BLC 10016221/50x32 192904671766
32x34 Blue Carbine E033926 3234 BLC 10016221/32x34 884849916766
35x30 Blue Carbine E033926 3530 BLC 10016221/35x30 889359918835
35x36 Blue Bodie E033926 3536 BLB 10016220/35x36 884849916445
46x30 Blue Carbine E033926 4630 BLC 10016221/46x30 192904671711
32x38 Blue Carbine E033926 3238 BLC 10016221/32x38 884849916933
35x34 Blue Carbine E033926 3534 BLC 10016221/35x34 884849916797
40x34 Blue Bodie E033926 4034 BLB 10016220/40x34 884849916384
46x34 Blue Carbine E033926 4634 BLC 10016221/46x34 192904671773
33x38 Blue Carbine E033926 3338 BLC 10016221/33x38 884849916940
36x32 Blue Carbine E033926 3632 BLC 10016221/36x32 884849916698
46x32 Blue Bodie E033926 4632 BLB 10016220/46x32 192904672107
48x32 Blue Carbine E033926 4832 BLC 10016221/48x32 192904671759
28x34 Blue Carbine E033926 2834 BLC 10016221/28x34 884849916728
33x36 Blue Carbine E033926 3336 BLC 10016221/33x36 884849916865
36x36 Blue Carbine E033926 3636 BLC 10016221/36x36 884849916896
50x30 Blue Carbine E033926 5030 BLC 10016221/50x30 192904671735
31x32 Blue Carbine E033926 3132 BLC 10016221/31x32 884849916643
50x34 Blue Carbine E033926 5034 BLC 10016221/50x34 192904671797

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