Kensington Plaid Dog Coat

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Product Summary:

Kensington Plaid Insulated Signature Collection Dog Coat

This attractive dog coat has a 600 Denier Ripstop, waterproof, and breathable outer shell to protect your dog from cold and wet weather.


  • Velcro front closure
  • Belly strap hook and loop closure provide secure fit
  • Multiple sizes and colors available
  • Waterproof
Item Specifications:

See size chart for sizing and how to measure.

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
XS Black Ice P00157 XS ICE KD533LTXS2013 789088069733
XS Blue Ice P00157 XS BLU KD533LTXS141 789088065544
XS Citrus Slate P00157 XS CIT KD533LTXS171 789088069306
XS Deluxe Black P00157 XS BLK KD533LTXS121 789088065520
XS Deluxe Red P00157 XS RED KD533LTXS161 789088065568
XS English Navy P00157 XS NVY KD533LTXS102 789088085740
XS Patriot P00157 XS PAT KD533LTXS2015 789088085283
XS Plum Ice P00157 XS PLM KD533LTXS131 789088065537
SM Black Ice P00157 SM ICE KD533LTS2013 789088069740
SM Blue Ice P00157 SM BLU KD533LTS141 789088054678
SM Citrus Slate P00157 SM CIT KD533LTS171 789088069313
SM Deluxe Black P00157 SM BLK KD533LTS121 789088054654
SM Deluxe Red P00157 SM RED KD533LTS161 789088065575
SM English Navy P00157 SM NVY KD533LTS102 789088085757
SM Patriot P00157 SM PAT KD533LTS2015 789088085290
SM Plum Ice P00157 SM PLM KD533LTS131 789088054661
MS Black Ice P00157 MS ICE KD533LTMS2013 789088069757
MS Blue Ice P00157 MS BLU KD533LTMS141 789088065636
MS Citrus Slate P00157 MS CIT KD533LTMS171 789088069320
MS Deluxe Black P00157 MS BLK KD533LTMS121 789088065612
MS Deluxe Red P00157 MS RED KD533LTMS161 789088065650
MS English Navy P00157 MS NVY KD533LTMS102 789088085764
MS Patriot P00157 MS PAT KD533LTMS2015 789088085306
MS Plum Ice P00157 MS PLM KD533LTMS131 789088065629
MD Black Ice P00157 MD ICE KD533LTMD2013 789088069764
MD Blue Ice P00157 MD BLU KD533LTMD141 789088054715
MD Citrus Slate P00157 MD CIT KD533LTMD171 789088069337
MD Deluxe Black P00157 MD BLK KD533LTMD121 789088054692
MD Deluxe Red P00157 MD RED KD533LTMD161 789088065582
MD English Navy P00157 MD NVY KD533LTMD102 789088085771
MD Patriot P00157 MD PAT KD533LTMD2015 789088085313
MD Plum Ice P00157 MD PLM KD533LTMD131 789088054708
LG Black Ice P00157 LG ICE KD533LTL2013 789088069771
LG Blue Ice P00157 LG BLU KD533LTL141 789088054753
LG Citrus Slate P00157 LG CIT KD533LTL171 789088069344
LG Deluxe Black P00157 LG BLK KD533LTL121 789088054739
LG Deluxe Red P00157 LG RED KD533LTL161 789088065599
LG English Navy P00157 LG NVY KD533LTL102 789088085788
LG Patriot P00157 LG PAT KD533LTL2015 789088085320
LG Plum Ice P00157 LG PLM KD533LTL131 789088054746
XL Black Ice P00157 XL ICE KD533LTXL2013 789088069788
XL Blue Ice P00157 XL BLU KD533LTXL141 789088054791
XL Citrus Slate P00157 XL CIT KD533LTXL171 789088069351
XL Deluxe Black P00157 XL BLK KD533LTXL121 789088054777
XL Deluxe Red P00157 XL RED KD533LTXL161 789088065605
XL English Navy P00157 XL NVY KD533LTXL102 789088085795
XL Patriot P00157 XL PAT KD533LTXL2015 789088085337
XL Plum Ice P00157 XL PLM KD533LTXL131 789088054784
2XL Black Ice P00157 2XL ICE KD533LTXXL2013 789088071903
2XL Blue Ice P00157 2XL BLU KD533LTXXL141 789088071873
2XL Citrus Slate P00157 2XL CIT KD533LTXXL171 789088071897
2XL Deluxe Black P00157 2XL BLK KD533LTXXL121 789088071859
2XL Deluxe Red P00157 2XL RED KD533LTXXL161 789088071880
2XL English Navy P00157 2XL NVY KD533LTXXL102 789088085801
2XL Patriot P00157 2XL PAT KD533LTXXL2015 789088085344
2XL Plum Ice P00157 2XL PLM KD533LTXXL131 789088071866
3XL Black Ice P00157 3XL ICE KD533LTXXXL2013 789088071972
3XL Blue Ice P00157 3XL BLU KD533LTXXXL141 789088071941
3XL Citrus Slate P00157 3XL CIT KD533LTXXXL171 789088071965
3XL Deluxe Black P00157 3XL BLK KD533LTXXXL121 789088071927
3XL Deluxe Red P00157 3XL RED KD533LTXXXL161 789088071958
3XL English Navy P00157 3XL NVY KD533LTXXXL102 789088085818
3XL Patriot P00157 3XL PAT KD533LTXXXL2015 789088085351
3XL Plum Ice P00157 3XL PLM KD533LTXXXL131 789088071934
XS Lavender Mint P00157 XS LMT KD533LTXS2017 789088088628
SM Lavender Mint P00157 SM LMT KD533LTS2017 789088088635
MS Lavender Mint P00157 MS LMT KD533LTMS2017 789088088642
MD Lavender Mint P00157 MD LMT KD533LTMD2017 789088088659
LG Lavender Mint P00157 LG LMT KD533LTL2017 789088088666
XL Lavender Mint P00157 XL LMT KD533LTXL2017 789088088673
2XL Lavender Mint P00157 2XL LMT KD533LTXXL2017 789088088680
3XL Lavender Mint P00157 3XL LMT KD533LTXXXL2017 789088088697
XS Dark Blue P00157 XS DBL KD533LTXS181 789088098085
SM Dark Blue P00157 SM DBL KD533LTS181 789088098092
MS Dark Blue P00157 MS DBL KD533LTMS181 789088098108
MD Dark Blue P00157 MD DBL KD533LTMD181 789088098115
LG Dark Blue P00157 LG DBL KD533LTL181 789088098122
XL Dark Blue P00157 XL DBL KD533LTXL181 789088098139
2XL Dark Blue P00157 2XL DBL KD533LTXXL181 789088098146
3XL Dark Blue P00157 3XL DBL KD533LTXXXL181 789088098153
XS Deluxe Hunter P00157 XS DHT KD533LTXS106 789088098160
SM Deluxe Hunter P00157 SM DHT KD533LTS106 789088098177
MS Deluxe Hunter P00157 MS DHT KD533LTMS106 789088098184
MD Deluxe Hunter P00157 MD DHT KD533LTMD106 789088098191
LG Deluxe Hunter P00157 LG DHT KD533LTL106 789088098207
XL Deluxe Hunter P00157 XL DHT KD533LTXL106 789088098214
2XL Deluxe Hunter P00157 2XL DHT KD533LTXXL106 789088098221
3XL Deluxe Hunter P00157 3XL DHT KD533LTXXXL106 789088098238

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Sometimes, manufacturers require that products be advertised only at their suggested prices. When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart. To see the price, click Add to Cart.
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